Custom Honda Magna 750 + Sidecar - SOLD

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  1. Custom Honda Magna 750cc + Sidecar Rig: professionally constructed by Joe Sauerbraun at Joe's Bike Team in Chiang Mai.

    The bike has the folowing features;
    - Green Book, registered until 27th Jan 2011
    - a leading link front fork
    - disk brakes including the sidecar wheel
    - large luggage space behind sidecar seat
    - stainless steel luggage rack on sidecar
    - jerry can in matching colour with petrol pump that plugs into lighter fitting which is also used for GPS
    - bike back wheel and sidecar wheel use car tyres and all tyres have plenty of wear left
    - engine has been tuned and valves adjusted 2 months ago
    - a new battery and new regulator
    - leather tank wraparound for maps etc
    - containers for touring that attach to luggage rack and sidecar step.

    The owner, Geoff Allen in Mae Sariang, could throw in some helmets and other motorcycle clothing if it is necessary.

    Price: minumum 180,000.00 THB cash
    Contact Email: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    Contact Phone: 0828930788

    More Photos;
  2. Dear Geoff
    Soooooo sorry I can't buy this! If only I could convince my son that it is absolutely the vehicle for him [and me] and we could whizz across northern Thailand, down into Laos and cruise through Vietnam. Unfortunately what he probably doesn't need is yet another bike in CNX. As earlier this year he sold his motorbike and sidecar - especially bought for me. We had tremendous fun on it in spite of the fact that most Thais would only transport their rice/pigs/gas bombs in what we had. A Honda Wave with a metal cage attached - a complete nightmare to drive according to him but gained lots of what I thought were admiring glances but of course I was probably wrong. But old grey haired farang Mums are fairly thin on the ground in Chiang Mai.
    Should you not be able to sell this amazing 'transport of delight' - being very cheeky, what are the chances of you renting it for a couple of weeks to one very careful driver and his dotty OAP mum.

    Need a side car as finding it a bit difficult to get my leg over these days - apparently according to my son Marcus once youv'e gone Asian you never go Caucasian - what does that mean I wonder? :lol:


    Geoff Allen

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