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  1. I came across this custom Versys the other day and thought I would share it. Not been a fan off cookie cutter anything (can't stand having the same thing as everyone else no matter how good it may be) I kind of like the look of this custom by the Wrench Monkies.

    It is making stop for a second and thinking about what else could be done to the Er-6n (more or less same bike from a custom point of view). The one thing I can't get over design wise is that huge hump of a tank. The bike looks like Quasimodo.

    From the site:
    Kawasaki Versys 650

    Standard engine.
    Exhaust heat wrap.

    Standard front fork. Standard swingarm.

    Standard wheels.
    Heidenau 120/70 x 17 front- 160/60 x 17 rear.
    Standard brake system. WM copper brake lines.

    WM front fender. WM seat. WM headlight. WM LSL headlight brackets.
    WM LSL handlebar. WM Rizoma handlebar clamps. WM turn signals.
    WM custom paint.

    Motogadget instrument.






  2. Absolutely cool looking bike! The "Quasimodo hump" makes the front and rear end look lighter, skinnier. It could have done without the header wrap; the exhaust should be loud. But what's with the tires? Instead of super slick street rubber there's a semi-knobby tread made for a D-Tracker?! And what's "Heidenau", anyway?
    Great color choice - those guys know what they're doing!
  3. Heidennau is a former East German tire factory. Nowadays they are manufacturing many of Metzelers off road tires as well as tires under their own Brand name. The tires on the pictures were road racing rain tires. The brand is unknown but it is up to western standards nowadays and the price is good.

  4. Interesting - I'm german and haven't heard of Heidenau! Is there something you don't know?
    Why do modern bikes with FI still have starter buttons? Cars did away with them, why don't motorcycles start with the turn of a key?
  5. KZ

    Here come the answers, a little late due to computer TT&T problems.

    Heidenaus homepage you have here. Some of the patterns are really good and the prices are OK. The name of the product they should change

    Sydney Riders

    Yes there there plenty of things I don"t know. Actually the more I learn the better I understand how little I know...

    About the starting button I think I asked it once from the old Laverda factory and I was told by Laverda"s chief engineer and the father of Laverda 3 cylinder Jota that it is a safety item. Putting the start button on the right part of the handle bar will allow the driver to press the brakes at the same time he pushes the start button.

    I am not quite sure if it is the true reason because the engineer only spoke Italy and my Italy is quite bad despite the fact that we had been sitting all day at the Piazza in the Dolomites in a small village called Breganze where the Laverda factory used to be and we had consumed more than 10 portions(per person) of delicious Italian Ice cream with Cocnac poured over the Ice Cream. After the "session" he drove us "pissed" in his Lambroghini to look at the Laverda V6 racing bike.
    Those were the times.....

    Anyhow I just read that a new car model just introduced a model with separate start button. Do You know which car?

  6. I am looking for a supplier of parts ,

    1- Lowering foot peg set
    2- Rear Hugger
    3- Frint fender extender
    4- Seat riser
    5- Handguard set

    Any ideas ??


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