Customer service by Charoenmotors

Discussion in 'Yamaha Big Bike Riders Club' started by Franz, May 26, 2008.

  1. Recently I was up in CNX only to find a dead battery in my F650GS. Called VVP, no battery available...........Called Charoenmotors and they offered to help. Got a new 'dry' battery plus prepared a cable (switched polarity of the battery, BMW's trick again to buy only original BMW parts apparently....) so that the poles could be properly connected. All this was done in a blink of the eye. This is what I call Customer service !!!! Will do the conventional Service also there even though it's a Beemer. A+++++ to Charoenmotors - Yamaha CNX !!!!!
  2. Hi friend,

    Not a surprise for me as most of LOS presents this kind of service more or less but i has to be point out. Happy for you !

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