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  1. I will do a border run in Mae Sai soon. Just need to extend my visa for 2 weeks. But also need to extend my bike papers (temp. inport/export).My bike is from Cambodia.Have already done this before in Chiang Mai,is very easy.Want to know if there is a customs house in Mae Sai I can do this.
  2. Right by the bridge. Left hand side. "At the end of the road" as far North as you can go.

    How are you rides going?
    13 posts with requests for info & help....any chance of contributing some tips & trip reports?
  3. Can you do that in Mae Sai ?? As the bike has to leave Thailand, I didnt know they could get into Myanmaar officially there ??

    I mean I know at other borders people pay bribes to stamp out and stamp back in again without crossing the river, but in theory you could cross the river.. But At Mae Sai does that work ??
  4. So far i have not Crossed over to Myanmaar in Mae Sai i have not needed to but i can tell you that on any given day there is a very large crowd down at the gate and trying to get in to customs house can be tricky once again have not needed but even trying to get past it is a pain, its hard to find a park anywhere down the end of the street and always a large police presence and the wife has told me after the bombings the other week and with the drug problem you can exspect security to be at a all time high there.

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