Customs Offices to Extend Temporary Import of Vehicle


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Nov 9, 2008
Does anyone know which Lao Customs offices can extend the temporary import permit of a vehicle brought in from Thailand? I'd like to stay in Lao the full 30-days of my visa, but was only given 14 days for my car. I tried going back to the Friendship Bridge to gain an extension, but they were unable to issue one a day after arrival.

The official did say that it can be extended at any regional office but was unable to provide any contact or location information. The offical? Lao Customs page at ... iders7.rar appears to list several regional customs offices, but does not have location/number information.

Does anyone know where I can extend my vehicle import besides the VTE friendship bridge?


Nov 17, 2004
From what I know, you have to be closer to the end date of what you have purchased for time to extend. I'm not sure where you can extend but if you are at a border area, give it a try. The options are to overstay and pay (I think) 200 Baht a day.

When I extend, it is only on the last day but I live in VTE so it's not a hassle to get to the bridge. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't and then I have to exit and come back in. Normally 1 week is all they issue but if you press a bit to the girls that make the green paper for you, I've gotten 4 weeks. My situation is a little different but I've heard of people getting 3 weeks at a shot.

For now, try a little extra money or go in and see the chief of customs at the bridge, explain what you need. Try Room 8 at the Friendship Bridge, this is the correct room to go to.