D'tracker/KLX250 Rack/Luggage Possibilities

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  1. Hello,

    I have been looking around in Bangkok for a place where I can buy a good looking + strong rear rack for my D'tracker. Any ideas? Original/custom made does not matter as long as it works well.

    Also any ideas about luggage? What fits well?

    Yesterday I was at BITEC Bangkok Motorshow and I saw some nice Thai owned KLXs with great bag/luggage combos. Did not have a chance to speak with any owners though. The bikes were all chilling at the parking lot.

    All replies will be appreciated.

  2. Hi,

    I just got my rack and sump guard supplied from Ian Bungy at the Xcentre in Chiang Mai. They shipped down to Phuket for me and were the 'dogs bollocks*

    Check out;


  3. Thanks Dave.

    Yes, the pieces Ian worked on look great and I already contacted him. However I was informed he does not spend time on these anymore as most of the original people who manufacture for him have left the shop. Which is totally understandable. It would be a nightmare to go over the same thing with people over and over again for a very little to no return.

    Any other ideas? I am just thinking about walking into an iron shop and show them some pictures and cross my fingers...


  4. Hi Ducatillon,

    As you said: "I am just thinking about walking into an iron shop and show them some pictures", it's one of the best ways!

    Before deciding, so not to have to "croos your fingers", try to get a short review from a shop through some customers. These shops are a lot in LOS, but there are "crap" ones and there are "near exceptionnal" ones, that know very well their work. Furthermore, usually they are not expensive (for farang's purses of course!).

    It's the way I (and many others) went here in CNX for my two bikes and the results were near perfect.
    You have just to know/feel what is the best shop :roll:

    Good luck,
  5. More than that, TAKE YOUR TIME! Don't feel in a hurry, and if possible try to make a drawing (even bad) of what you want. This can help staff to better understand WHAT YOU WANT... And make like a memory of what you ask...
    Just my 2 Satangs...

    Sorry, Ducatillon and others, I don't know how to edit a post yet with this new skin... :?
  6. There is! See: http://www.ventura-bike.com/default.aspx

    Nice VENTURA Luggage systems!


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