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  1. selling my dtracker the bike is in ch mai if interested you have to pick it up here the rego is buriram nr 666, 10000 % legal collor black 5000 km all service done
  2. forgot to mention it is a 2009 model with electronic injection the reason fo r selling i just ordered a er6n i will get it on thuesday so last chance to buy it will be on monday evening,
    i am staying at chiang mai gate hotel it has been a very nice bike but i am a long dist driver do not care about driving from bar to bar i ch mai or pattaya it is perfect for small trips up to 200 km just dove from buriram 870 km it stil hurts
  3. What's the mileage?
  4. km is very clear,
    but i can write it again,only have today (monday) it is basicly sold

    5000 km
  5. Remember I answered your earlier post when you wrote that you would sell it in about a month? I talked to you on the phone and sent you a PM expressing my interest in the bike. I would have appreciated an answer so I could have come up to see it. But I guess you were too occupied with more important things.
    No big deal, I'll get me a new one, I want an orange one anyways. But maybe the next time you show a little courtesy.
  6. I did post on your thread the 21,i am sorry about it but it all happend very fast,i decided to buy a black er6n when the bike was serviced here in chiang mai.
  7. No worries. Let us know how you like the ER6!
  8. the er6 is a nice bike suitable for most people i got 1500km on it now the brakes did not perform in the beginnig.the reason was wax on the discs,otherwise it is more than fast enough for the roads here and another good thing is that if you want a versys it can be modified in a couple of hours new swingarm and a new fork,i did not get a price on the parts but will check in bangkok i guess about 50000 bth but that is just a wild guess.i know for sure that all the plastic parts on the bike is dirt cheap.
    i like the bike a lot,when driving alone it is very fun with passenger not so fun but enough power,it is not like the bmw k1200r i got back home but that bike has 167 hp and the kawa got 72 so it is not comparable and the bm is 4 times the price,i would NEWER buy a bmw of any kind here just to expencive to run and it can not be used on the highways here in the full extence.
  9. Hi Nuwatmat,

    Are you serious about the possible transformation of the Kawasaki ER-6N into a Kavasaki Versys ? Do you think it will cost around 50.000 TBH ?

    Amazing, I begin to like this brand...
  10. very much so,i will try to get the price in bkk,going to rama 9 the frame is the same for versys and the er6n and the er6 i can not guarantee the price but the dealer in ch mai said they would know in bkk er6 is a genious product and it is the absolut best deal for a motorbike in thailand,they told me i could change the fork myself but the swingarm is a bit more work versys got up side down fork who the hell in their right mind would go and buy a questionable 5-5 yeare old bike with dodgy papers for 200k when you can have this little rocket for 225,it beats me.the bike seems very well buildt the engine revs good on the whole register.the parts you need are all made in thailand so they are cheap.il uppdate when i have been to rama 9
  11. Hi Friend,

    Thanks for your feedback on this Kawasaki possibility, an additional positive argument for the brand...

    In front of such a success I wonder what does the others do ??? Are the Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha of this World, sleepy ???

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