D-tracker 250 for Sale in Bangkok (like a KLX)

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  1. Hi all,

    It's that time again. My faithful and beloved D-tracker has got to go to a new owner. (It's not you D-tracker, you know I've got to go away!). Anyway, the details:
    - 2011 D-tracker bought from Motoholic in Bangkok and always registed here
    - braided brake cables
    - Dual sport Pirelli MT60 rubber (brilliant on/offroad and in the rain)
    - Electronic Jet Kit EFI (customisable engine mapping; with box instructions and at present set to relatively fuel-efficient)
    - Muzzy full titanium exhaust (end can is a tiny bit scuffed but not dented. This together with the jet kit make the most power from the bike without big-boring it)
    - Bike has recently had it's 12000 mile service. It's also recently had new sprockets (42 tooth rear for less engine wear), chain, plenty of life left in tyres and brake pads
    - rear luggage rack
    - rear tail tidy
    - Zeta fuel cap
    - Green book, kawasaki waranty booklet and loads of recipts
    - Bike and me are in Bangkok
    - I'm second owner, owning it from 9000km to it's present 14500km. Both of us were Brits with biking experience so we really took care of it (silkolene chain lube, proper chain adjustments, cable/lock oiling, rain cover etc in addition to regular Kawasaki servicing; when it's this cheap to service here, who wouldn't!)
    - reason for sale: I've completed my research in Thailand now so the bike's got to go.

    I'm genuinely gutted to get rid of it but I've already researched into getting it shipped and registered back to the UK, and it's just prohibitively expensive. The bike has never once let me down and has proved it's worth many times over. The only negative is there's a ding in the tank from my stupidity dropping it in a parking lot where the handlebars hit the tank. Putting it up for 90,000 baht (or equivalent GBP/USDs)

    Any questions, please let me know. Hope it gets a loving home :)

  2. Now sold! Hope the guy enjoys it!

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