D-Tracker ECU derestriction info opinions wanted

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by bulshy, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. I've just got back from 3 months in the UK and I see that the 'performance/derestricted' ECU is now available for the D-tracker/KLX.
    Before I part with over 8,000 Baht I would love to know the opinions of anyone who has purchased and tried the unit. Is it worth the cash?
    The dealer in Pattaya told me months ago that when the ECU becomes available he will fit one to his demonstrator to allow customers a chance to try the unit but now he is saying that this is not possible!
    Any info will be much appreciated, thanks.
  2. De-restrict for free tricks the ecu into revving out in 4,5,6 gear. I did it. It works. 8000 baht might be better spent on other mods. Another easy mod to let it breath is to remove the airbox snorkel. Stick a rim around the hole using slice off a pliable plastic bottle stuck on with silicon sealant. This discourages water running into the hole created by removing snorkle. 13T front sprocket will give it a better pickup if you are using KLX offroad.

    Tony :wink:
  3. After giving my D-Tracker a full (12,000km's) service which involved changing both ex shims, I thought I might as well try this 'free' derestriction whilst I've got all the bodywork off. Well, I just got back from a test run this morning and can report a leap in performance! Previously the fastest I'd seen on the clock was 133km/h (laid flat on the tank with the throttle pinned & going steep downhill) but today I easily hit 148km/h (on a flat road with me crouched down but not totally flat on the tank.) I reckon the bike will now top 150 on the clock, so I'm fairly pleased with this result. Off over the border in to Malaysia next week for a visit to Sepang for the GP and a tour round the counry so we'll see how it performs over the long term. Next step is to fit the new snorkle with improved air flow, once it arrives from the UK.
    Big thanks for providing me with this free derestriction advise.

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