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  1. tysonsherif

    tysonsherif New Member

    :wave: black d tracker 250cc for sale. 2 years old 23000km, only used for six months a year, around chiang mai, otherwise kept in storage when im back working in london.. the bike is in fantastic condition and very well maintained and serviced, it has upgraded bars and a custom crocodile seat, brand new tyres and newly serviced when i return to chiang mai in october 2011. im looking for around 105,000bht. this is not an ex rental bike, runs beautifully and top speed of 135kph. :happy5:
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  3. nesterretsen

    nesterretsen Member

    Do you have any pictures of this bike ?
    pls. let me see
  4. rexnong

    rexnong Ol'Timer

    Hi so it does 135kph has it had a upgraded ECU or the snip job
    What's with the croc seat ? Have you got the standard ?
    Pics would be nice
  5. chiangsaen.peter

    chiangsaen.peter Ol'Timer

    has is got a more confortable seat, single seat?
    what color?
    what tyres?
  6. ssimon

    ssimon Member

    yes, some pics and a way to contact you would be nice
  7. rexnong

    rexnong Ol'Timer

    Looks like the bike could have been sold a few times by now?
    Must admit not sure about a croc seat unless the head is over the Tailight don't want it getting in the way of the Steering !!!
  8. Still available??

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