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  1. Hey folks for those of you that read my welcome post then you'll know i'm after buying a D Tracker upon my return to thailand, so anyway my post is for anyone to post up any info on mods and accessories theyve done to or know about for the above machines, the more info the better, if its your own machine then whats been done and where did you buy any accessories etc, pics are always welcome..

    I've already been pointed towars the 2 derestriction mod threads


    but please supply any links to any other threads you know of that may be of use,

    I suppose what i'm trying to do is compile a threrad full of all the info about the d tracker/klx 250 and where to get accessories/spares etc etc, im sure you get the idea..

    Anyway look forward to hearing from you and seeing some pics of your machines..

    happy trails

  2. Here are a couple pics of my D-Tracker. I changed a lot of things on it asteteically, but have not de-restricted it ECU or Exhaust wise. The bike is what it is. If want more power I ride my other bike. Bought it in 2010, and not really ridden it much except for loaning it to friends as a trainer bike, or short trips to the local area. It might have 2000k on it.

    As soon as I brought it home I started stripping it of all sorts of bullshit...let me see if I can remember all the mods....

    -I raised the back end of it with some 1" suspension risers I bought off Ebay
    -I put a longer KLX250 Kickstand on it so it sits up straight now
    -Zeta Levers
    -Zeta Fuel Cap
    -Zeta Bar risers
    -Driven Gear Shifter
    -Light Speed CF frame guards
    -Replaced a lot of hardware screws with subdued ones
    -Bought some radiator guards, and decided I liked how it looked as a naked bike, so I ditched the plastic radiator shrouds
    -Had the seat redone and widened at a local seat place. Afterwards not really fond of the hump on the front of the seat, but that is what the pic I showed them depicted, so can't complain
    -DRC wide pedals
    -I had the brake lines upgraded to custom REL brake lines by the DIRT SHOP in bkk. Probably the most important upgrade for a D-tracker. Big difference.
    -Tail Tidy
    -Replaced all the blinkers with smaller smoked blinkers
    -Replaced the grips
    -Removed lots of stock "Junk" (Have a box of that new "Junk" if anyone needs some)

    Attached files 278933=10513-P1180047. 278933=10512-P1180049.
  3. My No.1 bolt on accessory....... The rear rack, has become very useful for transporting vast amounts of beer!! lol

  4. Hey pgt, what you've done is kind of what I'm planning on doing, I can't leave anything alone and plan on changing a lot of the parts for more pleasing(fancy) ones, I do plan on getting a pipe and doing the ecu mod just to eek that little bit more out of it, I would be keen to know where you got all your parts from??Joel, that's a fair amount o beer to squeeze on the wee rack hahaha good stuff
  5. Kickstand - Kawasaki
    1" Suspension lift - EBAY
    Frame Guards - http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/11/54/714/13457/23634/PITEM/LightSpeed-Performance-Carbon-Fiber-Frame-Guards-2009-Kawasaki-KLX250S-Parts.aspx
    Zeta Stuff, Tail Tidy, Blinkers - Although I did not buy them at the Dirt Shop, I have seen them all sold there.
    Radiator Guards - http://www.unabiker.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=UR&Product_Code=KKLX09250S&Category_Code=k5

    There is also a small shop off of Rama 2 which sells all these kinds of bits. Forgot the name of the place though.
  6. I have found two companies very handy for ordering aftermarket parts for my D-Tracker.

    This one is in Japan & very reliable & prompt service, not particularly cheap but can be very handy for certain things including all Zeta parts:

    This company from the US is for me the fastest & most reliable online parts company i've ever used......8 days from paying by paypal to delivery in Thailand with my last order & they put a fake low $$ amount on the outside of the USPS parcel & I paid no tax on a $280 order at post office!! They will answer any question by email & order in special parts on request.......example, they got me a Supersprox Stealth rear sprocket (39T) made specially for me for a $20 additional fee, they don't make this product yet for the DT-x & Solo got them to punch into the CNC machine the sprocket size needed & hey presto, I got the only or the first ever Supersprox Stealth rear sprocket made (normal available size 42T for the S model) .......great service.


  7. Cheers guys this is all useful info and exactly the sort of thing I was after when starting this thread, looks like I've got enough to keep me going for a while but please keep posting anything you think may be useful or relevant, this goes to all forum users who are d tracker/Klx owners

  8. I put Pirelli Sport Demons on my D-Tracker & it made a big difference - acceleration, steering & braking all improved. I ordered the tires from Charlie at Show Pow - good service & fast delivery to Chiang Mai from Bangkok. I also finally changed the stock seat to a Sargent aftermarket seat that I picked up in the US:


    You can get much cheaper custom seats here in Thailand but despite the price I'm very happy with the comfort & quality of the Sargent seat & I think it'll hold up better over time than the local ones. In any case, if you plan on doing anything more than quick trips around town I think a new seat is crucial.
  9. cm das, +1 on the Sargent seat. I was a bit worried it would look silly, as it's 25% wider than stock but not only is very comfortable it also looks great on the bike, as it gives the bike a wider more 3D look from the side & above.....I really like my seat!!

    I had a set of Pirelli Sport Demons ordered for my bike & something happened to bugger the order up (always something goes wrong in Phuket). I ended up getting a pair of Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 tyres & I am soooo impressed in the dry but surprisingly happy in the wet as they stick like glue. I will get another set in the future & not bother with the Sport Demons. The stock IRC tyres are just ok & that's it, even if I bought a brand new bike with IRC's they would be off & replaced immediately. Please don't worry if you just ride from A to B in a normal manner or do a simple daily commute, they are absolutely fine for the job.

    Edit: The Pirelli Angel looks very interesting for a new wet n dry sport tyre!! Maybe I will try these next!!
  10. Thought I'd post my pics and give a rundown of the mods that i made.

    First to go was the snorkel and the stock pipe which was replaced by a Muzzy complete system direct from the manufacturer in the US. Then I did the clutch sensor bypass DIY job which certainly made a difference if only that the power didn't drop off towards 7000rpm. I then added an ECU from Dobeck direct from Dallas at Dobeck in the US as I was having trouble getting a response from their rep based here in Thailand. This mod totally transformed the bike and now it scares me when i want it to :) Other items include DRC red radiator hoses and Edge tail light kit from Wheeling Cycle Supply website in the US. 42T rear sprocket and Zeta fuel cap from DirtShop on On Nut road. Green EK chain off the web from OPP racing who have awful customer service, so I dont' recommend them. Lastly, green Galfer brake lines from Pashnit Moto's over the web and a set of Pirelli Diablo Rosso IIs from one of the garages near the roundabout near Thanon Mit Phan (can't remember there are so many tyre shops there).


    I tried to source as much locally but in the end had to import much and face the duty charges. Still, it's worth it :) I was planning to get a Kustom Kraft 331cc big bore kit which i've been assured by Dallas is compatible with the Dobeck ECU though it would have to be sent back for reprogramming. However, its already alot of fun, so i'll see how it goes.

  11. Hey mate welcome to the forum, nice bike and if you wouldn't mind could you post links to where you got the ecu etc

  12. rudeboy, hi I am from Indonesia where there are a few KLX250s's running around, most are still stock but a couple have been modified, mine especially :)

    Mods include:

    2Bros full carbon exhaust
    Kustom Kraft 331 big bore kit
    Beet oversize injector
    Beet race cams
    Head port & polished
    Power Commander V piggy back ECU
    Power Commander AutoTune unit
    Barret Clutch plates
    Pivot Peggs
    Hand Gaurds
    Decal Kit

    Not cheap but good fun, all parts are available directly off the web but I used a local supplier in Jakarta.
  13. So the Power Commander and Autotune works out of the box with the 331 ?? With oversized injector of course..

    Any reason you didnt go for the 351 Bill Blue ??
  14. LivinLOS,

    Yeh, the PCV and autotune units work well (staraight from the box), plenty of grunt but a bit more exspensive than running the 2bros Juice Box (which I did without much success), the PCV is about the same in price but the value almost doubles by adding the AutoTune unit. Takes all the guess work out of setting up the EFI, just put in the base AF map and forget. The only thing that i had to do was weld the plug into the intermediate pipe for the O2 sensor, it is larger than the original sensor and uses an 18mm adaptor (the 2bros intermediate pipe does not have the O2 sensor plug).

    I looked at the 351 kit but could not find anyone that could get the EFI model to work with the large bore. The 331 kit with the over sized injector, from the Kawasaki 650 seems to deliver enough fuel to stop the piston & rings melting. The other reason is that there is no clearence between the cylinder and the water jackets, so i think the bike would run very hot.

    I do a lot of bush work and sometimes in ugly mud, so I dont always have speed to keep the air flow over the radiators, the 331 seems to be ok, the electric fan doesnt seem to activiate anymore than when the bike was standard.

    Hope this helps
  15. Thanks for the quick answer.. I currently have a DRZ which I have 440'ed but would have looked at a KLX/D-Tracker if I could have been sure back then of the BB kit working.. Lots of people failed.. Saw a KLX330 that had the EFI system pulled out and made back to a carb setup thats worked well enough.
  16. Hi Rudi,

    I got the ECU from Dobeck at http://www.dobeckperformance.com/default.asp

    I'd email them directly.

  17. 3 gallon IMS tank on KLX!

    Decided the stock 2 gallon (7.7 liter) stock tank on the KLX just isn't going to cut it for touring so ordered a 3 gallon (11.3 liter) IMS tank from http://www.justgastanks.com/

    Pretty quick shipping but they ignored my request to declare cost price on the customs form so I got charged quite a bit of duty. Oh well, win some, lose some.

    Swapping tanks is super easy-


    Forgive the filthy bike :lol:

    Stock tank is tiny- only holds 7.7 liters of fuel.

    Stock next to IMS. Cool thing is the plastic 3 gallon IMS doesn't weigh any more than the 2 gallon metal stock tank.

    Another view.

    Installation is a breeze- the IMS fits perfectly and does not interfere with the carb or choke. One little hiccup- the IMS tank uses the fuel fittings from the stock tank, but it's made for the carb'd bike which has a different fuel tank, so I had to scrounge around Red Baron's used parts warehouse where I was lucky enough to find the tank fittings I needed.

    Will have to get out and run the bike dry to see what kind of range I'll enjoy with the bigger tank.

    Happy Trails!

    Tony :happy1:
  18. this is my project , FMF muffler , d restricted ( the clutch cable trick ) , chopped rear fender , does any one no about the api unlimited ECU performance wise ? thinking about getting one !
  19. Lookin good!

    Most of the guys I know who race D-Trackers are running the API ECU.
    You can raise or eliminate the rev-limiter which gives more power but I've never seen a dyno so not sure how much extra power is possible with the API ecu.
  20. The bike just feels like it needs tuning now its been derestricted might change it back and go for the API unlimited ECU , then the power bomb .
  21. Paul, If You want more Power Get a Bigger Header Pipe preferably with the Power Bomb or Mega Bomb. Change the Airbox Snorkle the most simple and readily avalible here is one from a Kawasaki 175 Boss. That is about all You can do without touching the Mechanical's of the Engine. Good Luck!
  22. ye think ill go for the header pipe for next mod , then thats it I don't even use it that much its ok for riding on mountain roads
  23. Hi Guys, is anyone out there running the FMF mega bomb and FMF muffler?? I would like to hear what you think of them?? I am currently running a full 2bros carbon exhaust but have read a bit on the mega bomb and the advantages that may be gained, before i fork out the $$ Iwould like to hear it straight from the camels mouth so to speak :).
  24. Does anyone know if the FMF mega bomb will fit with the 2bros muffler??
  25. I have the FMF muffler with spark arrestor removed , had 1 complaint from next door neighbors for been too loud , don't no about any difference in power because the D tracker is so underpowered its a joke on wheels .

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