D-tracker not starting after 3 weeks

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by nikster, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. Went away for three weeks, came back, and the D-tracker woulnt start. Starter sounded ok and lights were on, but engine just didn't start up.

    I had to push it up the hill and put it in gear.

    Is that normal? I kinda expect better from a brand new bike. Yes, it was raining and cold but the bike was in the garage all the time. Never had this happen on my Honda wave...

    If it's not normal, what could be causing this?

    Thanks for any insight... [/u]
  2. Went through the same thing recently; was away and after a month of sitting my D-Tracker wouldn't start.

    Well the battery started to show the first signs of getting low, so I hooked a charger to the battery; after the second 10 second crank it finally stayed running. My first guess was maybe the type of plug used doesn't like sitting for any period of time. I had pulled the airbox lid off also whilst hooking up the battery, so I knew the engine was getting air. Outta the essentials of air, fuel, and combustion, what was missing on such a new bike. I remember 10 year old air cooled Honda's starting even after sitting a year....after several good kicks off course. Maybe it could be the fuel injection, cause thinking back the last couple of cranks were done WOT.

    Does not seem like it should be normal, so we are both concerned?
  3. What fuel - gasohol?
  4. Not for the last couple of fills, in my case.
  5. My DR250 and DR650 are always somewhat difficult to start after they have been dormant for a couple of weeks. They are carbureted and I believe it is because the fuel evaporates from the float bowl. I have to set the petcock to prime or use the choke and this usually works.

    HOWEVER; this shouldn't affect a fuel injected model. I do know that the FI engines should be started with the throttle completely closed. Not resisting that urge "to give it gas" and opening the throttle sometimes makes it more difficult to start.
  6. Not for the last couple of fills, in my case.
    Never put gasohol in mine, always only 91 regular. Had this happen a second time even though the bike was resting maybe only 5 days. It sure looks like its an issue with fuel evaporating somewhere where its needed - the electric starter and battery are fine.

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