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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by AJS, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. AJS

    AJS Member

    Looking at buying a new bike next month, and the D Tracker is probably the most sensible choice, but thought I'd throw this out there just in case anyone has any better ideas.

    I live in Bangkok and travel up country fairly regularly, and play around on the dirt roads when I get there, so the key requirements are:

    Needs to be able to cope with dirt roads, stones, pot holes etc
    Needs to be able to do 2-3 hours on the road without shaking my teeth out
    Needs to be able to pass a road block without paying a fortune

    I don't mind something that needs a bit of tinkering, so something like an XR250 hasn't been ruled out, but it seems like you get a pretty well worn one for less than a new D Tracker.

    Any suggestions appreciated!

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  3. Rod Page

    Rod Page Ol'Timer

    It would seem that the D-Tracker or the KLX are your choices (though a Verseys, for reasons of 'guts', may be the go if you travel long distances on the highways).

    D-Tracker - looking at your stated needs look at changing the tyres (the standard tyres are not up to scratch for secure off-road riding/slippery mud..... I've got Pirelli Scorpions & they're great for what it seems at what you are indicating you seek to do. Look at a performance factory ECU from Kawasaki if you'll be undertaking long hauls (or look at a Verseys (with good tyres, new springs....). Have the shocks/springs adjusted to your weight/needs.

    KLX - something similar to the D-Tracker make-over but from a different angle (off-road bike rather than motard). The KLX will give you greater clearance, solid suspension & a better range of options for the (larger than D-Tracker) front tyre. Same power issue as with the D-Tracker.

    So it depends on what sort of riding you wish to do.

    Good luck in any case.
  4. AJS

    AJS Member

    Thanks for the quick reply Rod.

    I wouldn't be doing much serious off roading, like jumping over logs or going knee deep in rivers. Just dirt tracks and unmade roads/paths in the hills.

    A bit more than I would want to do on a Versys, but I'd think the D Tracker would be plenty off road enough for it.

    Changing the wheels and tyres is a good idea. I could store a set of nobblies up there and some road tyres for the trip.
  5. Rod Page

    Rod Page Ol'Timer

    Seems like the D-Tracker will be ample for your needs - mate, I look straight away at the one John Gooding recently posted for sale on this web-site.
    Dont worry about nobblies for your puposes - look at tyres like the Pirelli Scorpion Trails, MT60's, MT 90's (depending on what you can find at 17").
    Good riding.
  6. AJS

    AJS Member

    Yes, that looks the business. I'm just a bit short this month so we'll see if it's still around on pay day!
  7. johngooding

    johngooding Ol'Timer

    I appreciate the help toward selling my D-Tracker Rod. AJS, if it helps you I will hold the bike for you on receipt of a deposit. I am not in a real hurry to sell. This type of bike seems to sell quite well around Chiang Mai at this price range, but I have had no firm enquiries yet. (After only 2 days mind you)
  8. bartomeer

    bartomeer Ol'Timer

    The D-tracker or KLX will fit you very well. On the highway, driving upcountry, it will feel underpowered. Let's hope they provide the klx 450 soon in the kawa line-up.
  9. johngooding

    johngooding Ol'Timer

    The D-Tracker is capable of keeping a steady speed of 110kph and a little bit more if you push it, over long trips. I travelled from BKK to Khon Kaen and KK to Chiang Mai, and quite enjoyed the trips. Rod, has travelled many thousands of Km on his and enjoys the flexibility of being able to handle the rough stuff if neccessary, something you cannot do so easily on a much bigger more powerful bike, so its horses for courses and the D-Tracker is a very economical way of travelling the sort of journeys you have described.
  10. AJS

    AJS Member

    Appreciated John.

    I wouldn't ask you to hold it for me as I'm starting my own business and while I would hope to have the money by next month, nothing is gauranteed.

    Good luck with selling it, but I won't be disappointed if it's still there in a month or two when I have the cash in my pocket!
  11. KZ

    KZ Ol'Timer

    Just the fact that you live in BKK means that the D-Tracker is the right bike for you. It's made to zip through the traffic, light, slim, easy to maneuver and maybe tall enough to look over the car in front of you so you can choose lanes. That's a big plus! It's also good on dirt roads, and the suspension can handle potholes and bad surfaces. The only drawback is traveling, you don't want to do much more than 120 km/h for a longer time without a fairing. But that's no big deal, just take your time, maybe take some back roads instead of the highway.
    The Versys is 90% street, has a fairing and goes 180km/h or more - that's for long distance traveling, but I wouldn't want to ride it either in BKK every day nor on poor roads. Even my XR650L felt like a hog off-road where a D-Tracker with street tires would probably be quicker.
    Can anybody recommend any 80/20 street/dirt tires for 17" rims?

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