D-Tracker to Ban Thi

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  1. Beware - There are a lot of photos of a D-Tracker in this post.

    Route 106, 121, 1317, 1147, 2029, 1189, 10, 121
    Distance 107km

    At last all the waiting was over, this morning I picked up the new bike at Kawasaki Chiang Mai where I must add here that the ZX10R looks like it might attract a few punters.


    Having taken deliver of the D-Tracker, I asked about a possible rack & they showed me a rather poor quality square tubed imitation of what I expected to see and I said thanks but no thanks.



    I then rode the new bike 7 kilometers to Miguels on the Lamphun Road for a meeting with my colleagues at Care for Dogs, to discuss the forthcoming Birthday Celebrations for Cfd as we mark the 3rd year of work.


    It was a lively meeting and despite talking a lot (about dogs obviously) we ate some great food too !

    I was itching to get away and ride the bike. I headed out on the 106 to the 121 and took a left, up over the 11 and at the 1317 I took a right out towards Mae On.

    At Chae Chang I took a right onto the 1147 and found a few tracks with a decent back drop for some interesting photos !!


    After a few kms entered the the approach to Wat Doi Hang Bat. I had been here in February but wanted to see the view from the view point tower again.


    The monks have been busy painting & the colour is very nice.


    Further on down the 1147 at Ban Thi I take a left onto the 2029 and after a series of country lanes I arrive at the next stop on my trip, Wat Doi Wiang in the mountains on the right side of the road.


    The lower temple is very neat & tidy, constantly tidied by novice monks & nuns. But I then took the concrete road around the rear of this and followed it up to the peak of this mountain.

    It's quite a ride and not for the feint hearted. At the top there is some renovation work going on and in time, will be another local attraction.


    Back to the 2029, I turn right and to Mae Thi Reservoir.

    Up here, there are some great tracks and the views over the valley are very pleasant.


    The weather was changing and the wind was blowing up a storm in the mountains beyond.

    After a few rides through orchards and various tracks, I returned to the 2029 and turned right & back towards Ban Thi.


    Here I took the 1189 and headed to the 11. From here it was straight over, crossed the railway line and then to the 106 junction. I turned right and then at the 121 turned left towards home.

  2. Hi Ally

    so D-Traker was put on the test immediately,, nice on, really nice pictures from recevuar as well, so clear water(loos like) :wink:
  3. Good stuff Ally.
    Love the photos even if the D Tracker is in most of them.

    Seems you and the Capt are keeping us going here.

    First impressions on the D Tracker?
  4. Congrats on the new ride Ally. And nice pics as usual. Can I ask, how did you determine the rack for sale at the Kawasaki dealer was "poor quality"? I'll admit it's not the most beautiful accessory but I've got the same one & it seems to work just fine. Anyway, good luck & have fun with the D-Tracker.
  5. Colin - I am trying to fill in the missing gaps !

    Marco - Well you have to don't you, having waited so long knowing it was there for the riding ! Plenty of fishing going on in the area so I guess the water is healthy.

    Dougal - 1st impression is still sound / same. When I rented one for my Yang Moen ride, I immediately found it to be fast enough for the road conditions / attitudes here and very agile. The bike handles tarmac and off road to the degree I am happy with as I don't do gullies and muddy (come home with samples of mud in every orifice) tracks, otherwise I would have gone for the standard KLX with appropriate setup of tyres, suspension etc.

    The issues raised on forums tend to be about tyres, seat and ecu. The first 2 I am sure will become a consideration at some point but will run the bike on stock rubber until I know it's wrong. The seat is the same as my Honda Wave in terms of numbability factor and therefore I am well used to that. I will be watching other bikers change results before going off & trying it for the sake of it.

    About the ecu... Well as I said above, it is fast enough for me. With the agility of this bike, I think if I were to put another 10 - 20 kph under my control, the fact that I am approaching curves as fast as I am now, which to be quite honest is hair raising, as I know I can take the curve however I want with it's nibble weavability, may well increase the chances that I would push my limits as just a little bit too far. If I wanted a sport bike, I would have gone for more power. After learning to ride a bike seriously (not just to the shops & back) over the last year using the 1100 Dragstar & 125 Wave, I now know what I want in terms of ride style and this bike fits my needs perfectly.

    Cm - Sorry if I have caused any offence there, but the item (well 2 actually, the first one was worse) is welded poorly. There are some gaps between joins for moisture to invade, the finish is rough in places and the colour varies depending on how far you are from the weld joint. Although the photo doesn't reflect the above fully, I can assure you the 2 they showed me were not what I would want to put on a new bike for 2,800 baht.

    This design is not the same as the original 'Bungy' copyrighten one, KawasakiCM have changed the dimensions to be a little narrower and literally mirroring the contours of the rear of the bike. eg. If you stand over the bike and look down, the surface area covered by this rack is less than others I have seen.

  6. Yes, congratulations on the D-Tracker Ally; glad to see you didn't waste any time getting out for a ride!

    Did you say fishing :lol: :D :D :D :!: :!:

    PS - tempted to send some of your great pictures of yours and send them to friends and family, as pictures of 'my' bike. :wink:
  7. Thanks again for the compliments. Ha ha ! Help yourself to the pics, photoshop the number plate & your well away !

    Yes it was good to get out again, so today I did it again !! I took a brilliant route this afternoon and will post it tomorrow.

  8. No offense taken Ally, just wondering. Actually, I wouldn't want a wider rack - as it is I keep banging my leg on it as I dismount!
  9. Mmm that suggests you must be 5'8" then...? I am finding the same !! Ha ha.

    Part of the reason I will be changing the rear indicators to be flush mounts & not sticky out boot catching ones !

  10. 5'8"... and a half! :D That extra half inch must be why I have no problem with the indicators.

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