Dainese Alpine star riding gear in Tachilek

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  1. On a recent visa run I noticed that they have Dainese and Alpine Star leather riding gear and boots and also some other nice riding jackets, the Dainese leather looks reasonably solid but the Alpine star stuff looked a little thin, I would presume that it is all copy stuff from China but it sure looks like the real thing and the price is right (jackets less than 4000 Baht) The owner of G3 tried to tell me that they were factory seconds which could be possable but not sure. Also their was another shop that sold Harley stuff if your that way inclined. Go down the steps, turn right then left into the next alley and its down around there some where, the Harley place is on the right and the Dainese place is a few shops further down on the left.
  2. Jonadda,
    Where is this place again? Thai-china border?
    I'd very much like to go check that out. Instead of hauling them yaa-baa pills around Thailand in pick-ups, they should bring some of that a-star stuff down here to Bkk, i know it would sell like hotcakes.
  3. Thats right
    Thai, Burma, Thailand does'nt border China. I'm going back up in a couple of weeks time to source a leading link front end for my sidecar in Burma so i will swing by the shop and get some more info and prices.
  4. Was in Tachilek yesterday & checked out the shop.
    It's called King & Queen Power - perhaps it's the name that first attracted John? Ha. Ha.
    I was only impressed with the 4,000 baht "ankle" length Alpinestars boots.
    All the other stuff is a bit suss, especially the "leathers," some of the cordura type jackets & pants might be ok for colder climates, but not for me in the heat here.
    However the prices maxed out at 4,000 baht so would be alright for the "Cheap Charlies" like Jonadda.
    Got some photos to upload, but in Chiang Khong right now so you won't see anything for a day or two.
  5. Well here they are
    Laugh - was John looking for a handbag when we went in here, & then stumbled across the bike gear?

    Alpinestars "Leather" Jacket

    Alpinestars Leather Jacket & Pants

    Alpinestars "Cordura"? Pants

    Alpinestars Short Boots. Look ok for 4,000 baht.

    Yamaha Camel "Leather" Jacket & Harley Cordura Jacket.

    HRC Cordura Jacket

    Harley "Leather" Jackets. (Who was # 56?)

    IMHO, the boots might be ok, & the other stuff? The cordura sort of looks alright, but I'd have to pass on the leather stuff.
    But if you're up there, duck into King & Queen Power & check it all out.
  6. Here's a bit of an update, 2 weeks ago went up to taskilek market and came across 3 shops selling motorbike gear (there is one other but couldn't find it). The shops where not to keen on me taking photo's so only got a couple, but did find some photo's on the internet to show some of what's available there. Finding these shops is not easy, there's no signs and the gear is not displayed out the front of the shop, so I've also drawn a ruff map to help out.

    There is many HD jackets like these, one shop had about 40 of them, maybe a little hot for thailand.
    Im sure there genuine. There was HD women's gear as well.

    98114_06VM_M_1e990. 98106_04VM_M_1beca. 98126_08VM_M_22c26. 98296_08VM_M_22c5f.

    There was a few of these Duhan jackets, and they looked pretty trick, but again maybe to hot for thailand.


    Some alpine star boots, also looked genuine and only 4500 baht. There was also a lot of alpine star pants.


    There's a lot of these "race jackets", looked like good quality but only small sizes. You would pull some chicks wearing these jackets in a thai disco....... staying alive...staying alive. Had Repsol, Camel etc.



    Here's the map.(copyright 2008)
    The 3 shops I came across are in the red, there all clothing shops and in all cases the motor bike gear is at the back of the shop, so you cant see from the front. They all however had a small Harley Davidson flag out the front.
    All these shops also sold what looked to be genuine billabong, abacombie etc surf wear.

    The yellow square is not bike related, but the best DVD/CD shop I've ever seen. Look behind the clothing stand, and you'll see a small sign that says "GUITAR MAN". The most amazing selection of music DVD's I've ever seen. Most DVD,s 40 baht, and also sells box sets cheap. Has artists as far back as the fortys to today. Tell them your a GT-Rider/Rocker.


    HD flag......the secret symbol.


    Took this photo while walking back across the bridge to Thailand, check out how close the water is to flowing in to the restaurant.

  7. Again i want to let u guys know about http://www.english.aljazeera.net/NR/exe ... 30C28D.htm small home shop with jackets etc. Bangkok.
    Bought "Alpinestars" gloves from him before, they are really comfy. 2 weeks ago i got myself a Astars GPU suit in singapore, 700s$ at Reginas. Old model with no hump, but it works.
  8. None of it is genuine especially the HD clothing ,that i can assure you.

    last tear HD s lawyers in Bangkok confiscated over 10m bahts worth of copy stuff from Pattaya shops alone and another 14m baht from a supplier in Phuket.the Dainese is probably Chinese or Pakistani copy.
  9. In response to
    here are some photos from Tachilek in Feb 2010..

    An update on the Tachilkek shop selling bike gear...quite a lot of it now is good quality = "The Real Thing."

    Alpinestars saddle bags


    Gloves & knee protectors


    Boots & Shoes



    Helmets ""Chinese"


    tachilkek-motorcycle-shop-007. tachilkek-motorcycle-shop-009.

    There are quiet few different types of good quality mesh pants too, but only 1 or 2 pieces & if you're a bit bigger, then it's not easy to find the right size. I have tried ordering, but no luck - what is available would appear to be whatever comes out the back door. Piece by piece. Brands I have seen are Joe Rocket, Dainese, Kushitani.
    You can sometimes get genuine Alpinestars Mesh jackets for 4,500 baht, half the price of Bangkok, but getting the colour & size you want is not always possible.
    They also have good quality tank bags.
    There is some junk copy gear, but the obvious low quality + low prices are easy to spot.

    Check it out sometimes.
  10. nice update thanks
  11. went there on saturday
    unfortunately most of the market was knee deep in water, so I didnt get to the shops
    annd I had to pay 500baht(not $10) for the pass,"because it was after 12".Not sure how legal that was.
    anyone see MX boots there?
  12. It costs you 500 baht for the visa fee every time you cross into Burma at Tachilek. It's legit & not a rip off.
    M-X boots I can't remember, but if there were some I would have thought I'd taken photos.
  13. 4th August 2010

    A useful item spotted in the Tachilek shop


    A handle bar map / documents holder.

    According to the shop they have a new shipment of motorcycle accessories coming in on the 9th or 10th August 2010.
    Well worth checking out for some.

    And the shop
  14. What were the prices like Phil?
    Going up next week.
  15. Don't worry about the quality, only concern yourselves with the "cheap" prices eh!?
  16. In my experience you always get what you pay for.
    Pay peanuts,get monkies.
  17. OK I'll reserve further comment until I've been there.
    However I wonder if any of the helmets for example have passed any of the globally recognised safety standards such as Australian Standards, Snell, CE etc?
    If not and you have a $2 head go for it!
  18. Were there any MX/enduro boots for sale?

    Copying clothing may be simple enough, but anything with plastic molding etc. requires considerable investment and production runs. I find it difficult to believe it's not coming from the same factory.

    Cheap stuff is now appearing in Bkk shops, really nice Alpine Star gloves for around B1,400, complete with labeling and prices marked in Yen. Sizes run small.
  19. I recently bought a Alpinestar tank bag there. It wasn't that cheap. Will report back on how it holds up this season. It can't be any worse than my name brand "Eclipse" tank bag that fell apart after a year. Definitely not what they once were.
  20. I've bought a bit of kit from this shop.
    1 - Alpinestars armoured mesh jacket for TG was 4500 THB - I'd previously paid 9700 THB for mine at Yamaha Square in Chiang Mai. Both items identical (Made in Vietnam)
    2 - Alpinestars short armoutred mesh gloves for TG - 1500 THB, compared to mine at 3200 THB in Fast Corner Chiang Ma. Both items identical; 1 made in Vietnam, 1 in China
    3 - Alpinestars armoured mesh pants for TG - prolonged bargaining got these down to 4000 THB... not sure what local Thai prices are. (Made in China)

    As Phil eloquently and correctly stated, the staff will happily distinguish the original products from the cheap copies. The cheap copies are pale imitations of the originals, at less than half the price.

    New product comes in monthly, and you can order items with a small deposit. The main problem is big boys sizes... and if you are going to order, you need to have tried on the item elsewhere, and be sure you know the correct size. Alpinestars are a problem because they've got such convoluted sizing charts with completely different numbering for different continents / regions. E.g. I ordered an XL touring kidney belt in from a shop in the USA - and the ends won't even meet around my petite 36 in waist - but my 36in jeans still fit!

    Helmets - top grades items also appear to be genuine items as labelled - according to construction and finish quality. Given the apparent quality, and the Thai way of doing business, the source of anything you buy in Thailand is unlikely to be any more reliable than what this shop has - its quite likely to be coming from the same place! As always - caveat emptor...
    - as for having a $2 head, the author of that, and other persistent derogatory commments, may have a $0.99 one... Always best to examine the goods before expressing dismissive remarks, I'd say.
  21. I have a pair of motorcycle trousers ex. Tachilek. Bought unused from Ben K - the 36 inch waist band would not accomodate his slender frame but was a good fit for me! Just been trying to see what make they are - "Black Ash", waterproof & CE armour are all I can find. They are waterproof - to a point - will turn a heavy shower, & no doubt would be OK with such like as UK rain - however - the great deluges that we experience here have proved too much for them on more than one occasion.
    For 3000 baht I am quite happy with them so far. As yet, no problem with stitching or zips. I would suggest anyone who is in Tachilek on visa run or whatever, has nothing to lose by checking out this store. :happy2:
  22. I've bought stuff from this shop in the past. Always helpful, and as stated, will happily point out the copies and legit pieces for you. One of the only times when being a midget is a bonus is when shopping for biker kit in Asia. Suffer on you big gits :lol-sign: .

    My worthless $2 head is ensconsed in a pricy helmet, such a waste.

    NN - Last time I was in the shop there were no MX boots. Not sure if Backdoor saw any on this trip or not. His pics didn't seem to capture any.
  23. Justin, it astonishes me that you could get such a valuable, level-headed head for such a modest amount! Keep it properly covered when in use, spare no expense! :)

    I've also heard from reliable sources that some of your other assets are also valuable - when in use, they should also be kept properly covered too! :)
    - and 2 heads are apparently better than one, a point on which Zaphod Beeblebrox would no doubt agree.

  24. UPDATE 8th October 2010

    Hydration Packs 800 baht

    Fox body armour
    but I didn't think it was that great

    Alpinestars Mesh pants
    img_0003. img_0007.
    good quality - the real thing, but size 56 did not fit me!

    Dainese mesh pants & I reckon the real thing

    Alpinestars saddle bags for your bike

    If you're in the top north, pop over to Tachilek & check em out for yourself. :thumbup:

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