Dakar 2013 Crashes - the Huay Sua Tao long neck road, Mae Hong Son?

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  1. DavidFL

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    Watching this clip it reminded me of the multiple "concrete weir" stream crossings on the way to the Long Neck village Huay Sua Tao near Mae Hong Son.
    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=4884439281164&set=vb.127421943708&type =2&theater

    Having succummed to the icy concrete riding out to Huay Sua Tao once, I no longer feel so bad after seeing this.

    But I was wondering how many other guys have fallen off / had a moment or two, going out to Huay Sua Tao?
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  3. SilverhawkUSA

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    Ha, Ha, Ha. Like minds............. I was showing Thim the Dakar clip and trying to explain why they were all crashing. I used the example of the weir crossings on the way to the Long Necks and she then understood. I never went down, but it is sure treacherous.
  4. bsacbob

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    Reminds me of a particularly glass like shallow concrete river crossing on the 1B rocky road to Phongsali !

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