Dakar Rally 2010

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  1. One of my favorite blogs that I subscribe to is the Big Picture blog put out by the Boston Globe. The January 11 posting is photography from the 2010 Dakar Rally. Take a look at some of the amazing photographs of the race here:


    I'm sure that all of us who have stood by the side of the road and tried to take pictures of our riding mates going past can appreciate these great shots. I can't pick a favorite, maybe #20.

  3. Thanks for sharing....
    we got very poor coverage in singapore!
    so this is really very much welcomed :)
  4. FANTASTIC STUFF..........

    I wonder for how long it will keep the name the Dakar Rally though???
  5. Amazing fotos, real stunning landscape !! Liam are u still in LOS ? When are u to leave for carpetbeatercountry ?? Cheers, Franz
  6. Still here, just laying low for the moment. Might head up to Nan this weekend for the festival. Going?

    edit: Never mind, just saw your other post saying your busy this weekend. We'll have to get together for another ride sometime.
  7. Thanks for this, what great pics.

    I like #7... What a place to watch a race from! :eek:
  8. Yea, awesome spot! Would have to drag the ice-chest out there with me.
  9. nice photo bro.. :arrow:
  10. Liam

    Nice pictures,,,luckily i can follow it from Telli here onboard.
    No:11 is my favorate,, i would like to feel how it's do be done by bike....WoooooHooooo

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