Dakar Rally 2010

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  1. HTWoodson

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    One of my favorite blogs that I subscribe to is the Big Picture blog put out by the Boston Globe. The January 11 posting is photography from the 2010 Dakar Rally. Take a look at some of the amazing photographs of the race here:


    I'm sure that all of us who have stood by the side of the road and tried to take pictures of our riding mates going past can appreciate these great shots. I can't pick a favorite, maybe #20.
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  3. HIKO

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  4. 8lackhonda

    8lackhonda New Member

    Thanks for sharing....
    we got very poor coverage in singapore!
    so this is really very much welcomed :)
  5. Muzz

    Muzz Ol'Timer

    FANTASTIC STUFF..........

    I wonder for how long it will keep the name the Dakar Rally though???
  6. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Amazing fotos, real stunning landscape !! Liam are u still in LOS ? When are u to leave for carpetbeatercountry ?? Cheers, Franz
  7. HTWoodson

    HTWoodson Ol'Timer

    Still here, just laying low for the moment. Might head up to Nan this weekend for the festival. Going?

    edit: Never mind, just saw your other post saying your busy this weekend. We'll have to get together for another ride sometime.
  8. KingMarty45

    KingMarty45 Member

    Thanks for this, what great pics.

    I like #7... What a place to watch a race from! :eek:
  9. HTWoodson

    HTWoodson Ol'Timer

    Yea, awesome spot! Would have to drag the ice-chest out there with me.
  10. burnjr

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    nice photo bro.. :arrow:
  11. Marco

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    Nice pictures,,,luckily i can follow it from Telli here onboard.
    No:11 is my favorate,, i would like to feel how it's do be done by bike....WoooooHooooo

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