Dan Sai next year?

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  1. I have to say this was on of the most fun things I have done in Thailand. I think it would be a great event for riders to meet up and share some fun. The downside we ran into the closest rooms we could get to the town was 37 Klms away, really slows down the partying at night. So there was an entire side of this we didn't see. Booze and bikes really don't mix, add mountain roads in the dark and that is a receipe for disaster. There are hotels in town but they are booked in advance for months.

    Look it over and if you have interest let me know about next year, no specific date yet. I'm not a tour operator or tour guide. But if enough people are interested I will do a bit of leg work on it. Contact TAT in the area and see if we can get them to do something. If not I enjoy riding the area and will scout some hotels and give the phone numbers to anyone who wants to book a room. The one thing I won't do is handle anyones elses money, I'm retired not in business.

    Look at it let me know

    https://www.gt-rider.com/thailand-motorc ... t4140.html
  2. Definitely interested Ray.

    I think your idea of searching out good info and posting it would work well. Thanks for your efforts.
  3. Well I sent an e-mail off to Tat and see if they would help, on finding enough rooms for a group of riders we will se what happens. In the pat they have responded to e-mails I've sent. But this is a bit different.
    The reaon I want to get them involved is possible, as David mentioned he has been stiffed on rooms in the past. Maybe they would think twice before stiffing a group that the Government has started.

    But the truth is they really don't need to promote this lots of people any way :roll:

    Oh well nothing ventured nothing gained.

    At the moment I donlt see a huge interest, so I might be down to finding and ,locking down a few rooms. Not surprised it's a year away, I'll chip away at it and we will see what happens.
  4. Ray, I will come too, didn't know about it this year, met many riders on the way from CNX to Rayong who went there on their biggies, a festival I have never attended in my 16 years in LOS. I think with Peter Dougal and maybe Craig-ESIB we would already be 3 guys from the Eastern Seaboard. Best regards, Franz
  5. Thanks Franz, I will keep poking away we got time now. So maybe, never know unless you try.
  6. Well I didn't get exactly what I was looking for from the TAT but I did get this which isn't all bad, We tried all of these three weeks before the event they were booked solid.

    This S B Resort really caught my eye one block for the event, one could stumble back drunk if need be LOL.

    Good clean place got me haven't seen it yet. So far I have six guys who say they are going there are only 16 rooms. I will contact them soon and see what I can work out. I will post it then but you guys have to book yuor own rooms I woudl hate to commit to 16 rooms and come up short. Might be real Pii on that one. Not evne sure they will book that fay inadvance but don't try you don't know

    Dear Sir,

    Referring to your e-mail, we would like to suggest you some accomodations that
    nearby the festival as following list;

    - S B Resort
    Address : 177 Mu 14, Dan Sai, Loei
    Room : 16
    Price : 450 - 700 Bath
    Telephone : (66)42 891 918
    Fax : (66)42 891 819

    - Dan Sai Resort
    Address : 391 Mu 3, Dan Sai, Loei
    Room : 26
    Price : 200 - 800 Bath
    Telephone : (66)42 892 281
    Fax : (66)42 891 129

    - Tri Chutharat Resort
    Address : 123/44 Mu 4, Dan Sai, Loei
    Room : 10
    Price : 800 - 3,000 Bath
    Telephone : (66)42 891 757
    Fax : -
    Website : http://www.english.aljazeera.net/NR/exe ... 30C28D.htm

    We hope this information will be useful for you.

    Best regards,
    Thanathorn Rittakol
    Information section
    E-mail: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    Tourism Authority of Thailand (www.tourismthailand.org)
  7. I called S. B. resort they said to book the rooms in April of 2009.

    So I need to start this again in March of 2009, if I can just remember. If I miss it and anyone else remembers a remider is a good idea, Remember old git.
  8. Ray
    Speaking from experience with Dan Sai & Phi Ta Khon, the only way to do it is get the money up front from those claiming they will go & then pay way up front at the preferred place of stay.
    BTW you don't see me trying to organize a big ride for this one. Too many procrastinators over the years.
    And more than likely it only comes together a few weeks before the event - the weather is also a very significant factor.
    See you "all" there in 2009.
  9. Thanks David over the years I've got the t shirt on that one as well :lol:

    As well as being guilty a few times myself, stuff happens :oops:
    So far the most siginificant thing I have done is share the information through more photos then I care to think about. But I learned a lot through that one, thanks to help from a few friends.

    Got a good list of hotels now, something I wanted for myself as well and don't mind sharing it. I will go up and book my rooms and whoever goes on that ride with me can do the same if they want to go. Beyond that up to each individual. I would probably take money up front from guys and pay for them when I do that. But as you mentioned even that could go wrong. I would hate to be the one who caused that. So each is going to have to do his own.

    Over the last couple of years, on the rides the list has put together, there are just a few guys that are consistent about showing up you met most of them on the weekend. So I have always adopted the idea, those who show up are the ones that are supposed to be there. The others that miss them are losing out. But, thats Ok we still have fun.

    To be honest with you the guys really babied me on that ride, slow speeds lots of stops. That was the first one I had been out on for about six months, Finally got off the cane for awhile. Very unique people not only guys I ride with but the friends I have in Thailand as well.

    Met a lot of good guys from GTriders and the effort with the ride list. That's how I met TJ David from Khan Kean and others. There were very few bad apples that came along, they just seemed to fade away on thier own. Only one guy that I ever confronted, he was just trouble looking for a place to happen. I did say something to him. A lot of the guys bring thier wives with them. This idiot was trying to get the guys wives to lie to his wife for him, even handing them the phone when he was talking to his wife on the phone. No one but him was comfortable with that.

    You know the wives normally wag thier tongues among themselves, never goes any further. But Udon is it a lot smaller then people think. That kind of thing will always end back at your door step. It's up to the guys riding if it's solo, with the wife or the girlfriend, but you got to think above the belt. I also noted that he was a very inattentive rider and dangerous to himself and the other guys.

    Even the best riders go down from time to time, but this guy was an accident waiting to happen. I saw him yelling at Thai's like they were dogs and one time pounding on a Thai families car widnow, thinking they had cut him off, they hadn't he just wasn't paying attention. Now that guy, I had a come to Jesus talk with and left it up to him. I never make up anyone elses mind for them nor try, but I am truthful if it's important, other wise I try to kep my mouht shut as much as possible, I have to admit I'm not really that great at it. The guy never rode with me again and that was OK. He rode a few time with the other guys, went down hard three times since Ban Saeng. Never anything he did always someone else's fault. He is now in his home country in the hospital recovering form his last accident that was of course some Thai's fault. Why some Thai entered the road way on front of him and he layed the bike down. Now I realize that never happens when you ride in Thailand. My guess wasn't,it was inattention on is prt. Well his bike up for sale and he may live a few more years, if he doesn't buy another.

    You know the guys I ride with are bunch of great guys in the two that they were around, took care of him and his bike. Thats been the only real headache and lot of good times to sit it off.

    Most of the guys are better riders then I am and sometimes they kick in the tail and leave me lagging behind, but I would rather they do that and have fun, then me to ruin thier day. There are usually pokey riders around like me as well, The other guys are good riders and know what they are doing, so no problem, they wait at the turns for me and we all have a good day.

    In all honesty I can keep up with most of them within the limits of my bike. but I'm a retired cop, I have all the adrenalin rushes I want. I'm into mellow times.

    A lot of times the guys go on rides that I can't do because of my back. Normally I'm invited but I just say no, not because I don't want to go. Because I don't want to by burden the other guys. They are cool about it, I usually get great war stories and photos when they get back.

    Sometimes I go to far in trying to sit things up. But, in the end thats my fault, no one asks for it. So if I end up a bit frustrated really my fault. But, I have the time and enjoy the rides with the group guys enough that I will probably keep trying. I don't like handling other peoples money and I can't stand the loss myself. So that one I avoid.

    I pushed TAT to sponsor an event find an area for camping for guys that might enjoy that. Whoever said Thai's are not smart, they side stepped that one in a heart beat :lol:

    I appreciate the heads up and understand the intent, over the years I found that good friends step up when hey see you headed into problems. I'll work hard at being careful and not sit my hopes to high I appreciate your thoughts.



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