Dan Sai / Phi Ta Khon 2005

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  1. Festival's on July 8 & 9.
    Should be leaving Cnx July 7 (Africa Twin rego depending).
    If your interested & think your up to it, then leave a message here.

    Also take a look at

    Link removed

    if you want to know what it's like & about.

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  2. Hi David,

    We are game for this...also promised Scotty that we would ride with him while he is here on vacation (arrives 2 July)...Maybe we can convince him that going over to 1148 for some roll on and off and then South would be the thing to do.

    How are the stiches in the head doing[:D][:D][:D]

    David and Mai
  3. David
    Stitches in the head are fine. The girls in Luang Prabang are impressed with my (embellished) story.
    Re Phi Ta Khon - it would be good to have some new guys along as Silverhawk's getting a bit bored with my company I think. It would also be good to ride with you BMW guys (Scotty & yourself), to see if you can keep up with the ol Africa Twin (at least in the corners, as I know you'll do me by the end of the straights with that extra 350-400cc!)
    But how's you N-E Thailand trip coming along? It wasn't that boring that it does not deserve some sort of write up?

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  4. Ha, ha, Davidfl ! You really think I am getting bored with your company (well, maybe sometimes [:D])? Seriously, Phi Ta Khon the first year was pretty fascinating. The 2nd year it started to look more like a drunken Halloween party. This year I just thought a plan of spending 3 days was a little much. With the main (only?) entertainment in town being the spot where the Thai guy wanted to smash my camera I was a little hesitant.

    David (Chiang Kong), if you can join in and maybe do a little exploring around Dansai and Loei area, as we talked about, it would be great. Scotty coming along would be all the better. Anyone else interested? BTW you will just love the ‘first class” accommodations.

    Photos from 1993 at:

    Dave Early

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