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  1. Some of you have met Dan C. at the GT Rider dinners. He is a way-cool guy. Most of you don't know that this cool cat is a street preacher: He is on the constant and continual lookout for people who have, or soon will be, crashed and burned from hard living, bad situations, etc.
    He came out to Mae On today and we visited our local shop at Jira Restaurant to get some new signage on the Bamboo Love Machine.
    Dan has become a fixture around Chiang Mai and he tells me he gets a wave or a shout-out every time he rides around in his BLM.
    His web site is SAYSE RESORT. Check it out, but at the very least, give this guy a big wave when you see him around town.


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    Great picture, nice to see Dan has moved up in power with his motorcycles. Bet that yellow monster hits 200 on the straights.

    Always good fun riding the bamboo machine.
  3. Pleased to meet Dan at the last dinner. Thanks JB for illustrating what he does. Certainly a character and I hope I manage to keep things together, so as not to need his services, but it's good to know there are folks willing to help

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