Dan White Ride to Mae Hong Son

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  1. Saturday 20th October.
    Ride to Mae Hong for Dan White.

    Depart X-Centre 8.30AM.

    Dan's ashes will be interred under a small tree with a plaque at Wat Chong Klang, by the lake.
  2. Unfortunately another one to add to Simon and TJ.s final resting place. Although I never met Dan he certainly was a well respected journo in south East Asia as well as in other war torn countries.

    See you on the 20th at the X-Centre
  3. count me in
  4. Yes David I will also be there.
  5. Dan's ashes will be interred on the Sunday morning after a small Buddhist ceremony with the monks at Wat Chong Klang, starting "about 10AM."
    So no need to race off "at first light 8.30AM" Saturday....the departure time is now set for "9.30AM".

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