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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by skybluestu, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. skybluestu

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    Came across these while looking for options for my XJR1300 and all the reviews so far have been very positive, wondering if anyone has one? They are based in Hong Kong so excise tax would be low/none, shipping is only around $40 and and the exhausts start at around $70 so they would come in at around 4000baht or so. Owner reviews I've read are positive and they sound pretty good on youtube, if you don't fancy paying 15-20,000baht for one here this could be the answer!


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  3. monsterman

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    Dan Moto are Ok sure they are not termis or akrapovic but they are reasonably well made and cheap i know many riders in Uk who have used them.
  4. nicebus

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    I bought DanMoto system for my 08 CBF 1000 from E bay. Nice looking twin system. Carbon fibre look cannons. Adaptors etc all fitted on ok. Just be aware they are real noisey.There are baffles available seperately but they didn't make much difference.
    Good value imho for what you get.

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