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  1. I am happy to see that GT-rider is using forum software again.

    For me I mostly use the "new posts" function, very convenient.
    As that function does not bring me to the 1st unread post I have to scroll through all. Unfortunately the date/time stamp of each post is located at the bottom of the post, which gives a lot of forward backward scrolling.
    I tried to find a setting to get the time stamp on top, but failed.

    Not sure if other users are facing the same problem, maybe it can be resolved easily by the admins.

    Thank you to consider.
  2. Just saw a -maybe new?- button on top "go to first unread".
    That would be great, very userfriendly.
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    From what I understand that is a default setting that cannot be changed.
    But for me when you log in you have the option of
    New Posts
    Recent Posts

    both these show the date & time of posting - is that not what you want?
  4. The problem seems to be solved as in each thread I open from "new posts" I now can see the "go to first unread" button on top and bottom of the page. By that easy to jump down to continue reading the new posts.
    Maybe I overlooked that button before.
  5. A klick on the thread title in new post brings you always to the latest unread post in this thread.
    But only if you have entered the thread before with this software.

    This software don't recognize what you have read before when the old software was running.

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