Day Ride To Cameron Highland Through Fraser Hill And Sungai Koyan

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    The route from Kuala Kubu Bharu to Fraser Hill, Raub and Sungai Koyan to Ringlet, Cameron Highland is undoubtedly one of my favorite route. It offers breathtaking scenery of Titiwangsa mountain range and with excellent road surface to exercise that hip while taking abundance of tight turns.


    It was school holiday week and Cikgu Joe, who have a day to spare came up with this idea. Cikgu Joe whom was recently moved into his new house in Seri Iskandar will ride down to Bukit Beruntung and we met at the toll exit.

    It was almost 11am when he arrived and we immediately rode through Bukit Sentosa after a quick fuel refill at a nearby Petronas fuel station.


    It was a grizzly day and dark cloud hovers over Sungai Selangor dam.


    Traffic was light and the road was slightly wet from the occasional rain pouring from early morning so rode slowly up through the winding road.



    It has stopped raining as we passed through the gap and we are caught behind three cars when we started ascending through the steep and petite road. It took a while, waiting them to let us passed through.


    We arrived at the clock tower around 12.30pm and the ambient temperature was 21°C. Most of the food stalls are closed and we have to have lunch at an expensive food stall at the only food court by the park.


    Jalan Pecah Batu and FT 148 was covered in mist when we started descending but it wasn’t slippery although it has started raining again as we arrived at the gap.





    It began to rain heavily as we turned right on FT 55 heading towards Raub and there are a lot of waters on the road surface zigzagging across the tarmac. However the weather improved as we approached Tranum and it was completely hot at Raub.


    Traffic on the C5 heading to Sungai Koyan was light and we stopped to buy durian at Kampung Batu Talam.

    It was scouring hot with ambient temperature around 36°C when we rode on FT 102 and the road surface was excellent. We had a blast taking a couple of S-corners and hairpins bend as the traffic was very light that afternoon.




    Weather turned cloudy at Ringlet and we made a 2nd fuel stop at a Shell petrol station. It was 4pm when we stopped at Tanah Rata mosque for break and prayer.

    Being a popular destination, traffic heading to Kea Farm from Tanah Rata was very slow and it began to rain again. Temperature dropped to 19°C with strong wind when we stopped to shop for vegetables at Kea Farm.

    It continues to rain heavily as we made a move on A181 towards Simpang Pulai and made a last stop at a roadside stall to warm our body.

    N4.59446 E101.34289 Road side stall with a view



    We continued descending around 6pm and the weather has slightly improved as we passed Pos Slim and Pos Raya. It was completely dry when we arrived at Simpang Pulai and I bid farewell to Cikgu Joe here and I rode to Rawang through E1.

    The last section of the ride was completely dry and traffic was relatively light heading to the capital. I arrived home around 8pm.

    Elevation summary from Fraser Hill to Cameron Highland and Rawang are as below:


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    Some nice scenery and photos, thanks.

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