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  1. Hey,

    I was wondering if anyone could suggest some enjoyable rides / loops that could be completed in a day starting from Bangkok.

    I have seen a few threads with different routes but I was thinking a thread where all the known / popular trips could be listed for reference in one place would be a good idea. (Apologies if this already exists?)

    So please feel free to add your suggestions.

  2. The Day rides I most enjoy from Bkk are to Khao Yai National park and Kanchanabury. Hua Hin is an easy day ride and you can take the back roads making it enjoyable with some nice beach scenery.


  3. Hi Mike,

    Is this the Khao Yai route? -


    Also do you have a Kanchanaburi route you can share?

  4. Satonic,

    yes, That looks like a good route for Khao Yai. I dont have a standard route for Kanchanabury because I dont usually ride the same exact route twice. I call it GPS roulette lol. I just put in each planned stop and intentionally take the wrong turns until my gps comes up with a route I have not been :)


  5. Now that sounds like a great idea!

    I often think maybe I should go and find the cheapest, most terribly made Chinese copy GPS and chuck away my nice reliable accurate GPS unit.

    At least then when I set out it really will be a adventure and I can blame it on the GPS when the missus gives me a telling off for going missing for days on end ;)

  6. Exactly!

    Cheers and hope to ride with you soon.

  7. Those of us living in Bkk really misses out on good rides. A round trip 400 km trek to Khao Yai is going to pretty much take up the whole day, but the worst part of course is that for the 100 km or so out of and return to Bkk, they are just boring straight routes.

    I have a TomTom app for my iPhone that believe it or not, apart from the normal Fastest, Shortest route options, also has WINDING roads!! This is great when out of Bkk but there are no winding roads IN Bangkok :(

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