Day Trips In Kanchanaburi Region

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    In the last week of 2016 we explored Kanchanaburi on our motorcycle.
    We covered 2000 km in 5 day-trips in what from now on is our favourite region in Thailand.
    Goran Phuket already wrote a great post with all the places he visited in Kanchanaburi.
    I will therefore only post a couple of videos we shot during our trips to Si Sawat, Pilok Village and Sangkhlaburi. Not sure if this adds much more than movement to an already complete report.

    The first video shows the resort where we stayed, it became our base camp. We were invited to stay in the resort by the son of the owner (Khun Think), who is an international renowned palm expert. My wife interviewed him, and I filmed his palm garden, all published elsewhere. We had come with our bike on our pick-up truck, as it is a 500 km drive from where we live and I did not fancy crossing Bangkok on a bike either. I can recommend this resort to all nature lovers. Resotel River Kwai on the banks of river Kwai Noi, 75 km North of Kanchanaburi city.

    Video: Some impressions of the roads and the views on our way to Sangkhlaburi over the 323.

    On on our trip to the three pagoda border crossing I made a video of the Mon bridge.

    We planned to travel to Pilok village but could not make it all the way, as we would not have been able to return before dark. But I shot some nice views riding the 3272 and smaller roads.

    We also visited Kanchanaburi city and went to Phu Nam Ron border crossing, nothing interesting to share with you came out of those trips.

    A couple of pictures to end the post:
    Some roads were not paved, but doable with a road bike, a break at a ghost house, a bier at the end of the day, some friendly help with taking the DIY ramp apart for transport home.

    It was fun shooting and editing these videos.
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  3. Goran Phuket

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    Very nice, thanks for posting. I love Kanchanaburi, lots more places to see and add to our existing reports.
  4. jsbkk

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    Enjoyed watching the videos. Thanks for sharing.

    Kanajaburi is one of my favourite destinations. Khao Laem National Park is on my list and plan to camp there soon.

    Yes, I too love to RE-LIVE the moments while editing :D
  5. DavidFL

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    Great stuff Mike.

    Kanchanburi is certainly right up there as a biking destination now.
    Thanks or taking the time to edit & post the vdo & info.

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