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  1. For the trip we decided to do the 17th of September 09, only me and Tony meet up, everyone else were busy at work and Simon had to get his bike touched up.
    We decided to meet at the 331/3304 intersection at 9:00, as he came from Bangkok and me from Rayong. Filled up fuel and headed off to a road I always wanted to see how was the 3239 as it hits right through a national park, a big green blob of land in Eastern Thailand which spans 6 provinces, Chonburi, Chachoensao, Sa Kaeo, Trat, Chantaburi and Rayong and together is a pretty large area. After we meet up my genius GPS took the shortest route from the intersection to 3239 which was mainly a gravel road, this was only some few kilometers and no hassle, just pretty nice actually. My FZ6 and Tony’s Ninja 650R did well on that road, and the scenery was pretty, with lush green forest as a backdrop.


    We started out on the 3239 which I was very curious about mainly because it looked much more interesting to ride versus the extremely boring 359 to Aranyapratet, with the upcoming plans for Cambodia trips I believed it would be good to find something more interesting to ride over there.
    The road is nice, pretty straight but very nice forest area as a nice green backdrop, following my GPS which I forgot to update the road forked out which did not appear on the GPS so we followed the GPS. Some few kilometers later the road disappeared into a lake, when looking at the lake you could see the handrail on the bridge in the middle of the lake, pretty funny and it was a cool experience. To be honest the road is not curvy but it is a massive improvement versus the boring 359 and it has nice scenery, actually we saw a lot of European looking cattle there which was a rare experience. There were the lake, and if you do ride the road you can go down for a fun view or just follow the sign around it. We just rode back and around it after but I am glad we went down and saw it, was one of those rare experiences with a road going into a lake… Never seen that before… So I can recommend the road versus the 359 any time, a far more interesting road.

    After the road we continued towards the Cambodian border, and rode to Khlong Hat and followed the border down from there, at one place we found a armed roundabout and turned towards the border, but 2 kilometers from the border the army stopped us and told us this was no-mans land. But told us to go further down the road and there were a border station we could reach there. Pretty nice guy… Continued the ride and at one army post there were a military guy who owned a big bike Honda something, he waved a lot and smiled, awesome…
    We found the sign with “Cambodia Borderâ€
  2. Another good report Bard. Good info on the border crossing.

    One thing, can you confirm the road numbers otherwise you'll have the Capt scratching his head.
    I think you met up with Tony at the 331/3340 intersection and the cross country road is the 3259 that (going East) eventually crosses the 317 and straight on to Klong Hat on the 3067?

  3. Riddle solved as the 3239 is quite short and ends up at a Dam. The 3259 indeed disappears in the Khlong Si Yat reservoir and resurfaces again on the other side.

  4. Hi Dougal,

    No I meet Tony at 3304/331 we then went 3010 - 3013 - 3259 - to Khlong Hat then 3395 - 3391 - 3405 - 3193 to Border - 3193 to Phong Nam Ron - 317 to take off to Chaman - 4010 - 3249 - 3409 - 3322 - to Route 3.

    Very nice trip, there are a ton of small roads in the National park between Rayong and Chantaburi and I honestly think I can spend weeks figuring them all out. Very nice project which I am looking forward to a lot.

    Unfortunately back offshore working like a horse again so it has to wait until I get back home again. Only had 4 days home this time, but will be off from November to March and will spend my time exploring these roads and popping over to Cambo to check out the stuff over the border.

    The 3295 into the lake, now confirmed as a reservoir was neat stuff. Highly recommend the loop really for us poor souls living in Eastern Seaboard. Nice full day out with food, sights and nice riding.
  5. Thanks for the clarification Bard.

    That is some route and I think the Capt will recognise a lot of them.

    I'll be on the road end Nov and beginning Dec somewhere so maybe see you on the road.

  6. Yes I hope to have a ride with you then Dougal, would be great.

    I'll be on the road all that time for sure so it would be great to meet up for a ride somewhere.

    Cheers Bard

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