De-frosting Pai's.

Jan 12, 2003
De-frosting Pai's.
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Koh Chiang was far too busy for my liking so I returned home, had a quick shower & shave etc then set off for Pai. Anybody heading in that direction - it's getting cold up there in certain places, even at midday so take plenty of warm clothing if you take too much warm clothing then please give it to the hill tribes folk.
I returned just before dark and as I was turning right for the run down to CM I spotted several young guns on Honda Dreams with only T-Shirts and shorts on- their dreadlocks looked to be heading for Pai, memories came flooding back of nearly freezing to death on the A1 - thrashing the Boni 250miles in thick snow just to see the girlfriend at that time. Bloody waste that was, but that's another story. Anyway enough of my rambling on - rap up and if at all possible please take an extra jumber or even an old blanket and give it to the tribes people - BIG PLEASE - thanks and have a happy looping new year.