Dealer price for KLX 250 or Honda CFR 250 in Chiang Rai , Mai area

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  1. Anyone know of the going price for 2012 2013 KLX 250 or a Honda CFR 250 in the Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai area ?
  2. Kawasaki offers fixed pricing at all big bike dealers in Thailand. Here are 2013 prices:

    Honda on the other hand lets the dealers set prices, so it's impossible to give you a price for the CRF250L, but it's usually a bit cheaper than the KLX.

  3. I've been offered the CRF250 in Chiang Mai for 134k baht including a bunch of extras worth around 4k baht. But that was right in the beginning when it was in high demand. Should be a lot lower by now. I've heard 125 from other parts of the country?!
  4. Saw the new Honda 250M in Chiang Mai a few days ago with the sticker price of 146,000 baht - 2 colours black and and red.
  5. Same down here in Songkhla, last time I checked.

    138K for the 250L.
  6. I want to buy this motorcycle asap.
    Went to Honda shop on Huay Kaew just north of canal rd. Only a quick encounter with non english speaking guy, but he mentioned 140,000.
    Went to Honda shop down behind McCormick Hospital area...Bamrung Rajd (sp). Nice man and woman running shop...forgot the price, he had a price sheet so I can stop back and see what it was.
    Are there others?

    Anyway, what seems to be the going price in CM as of now in?
    AND, how does the pricing work here? Is it standard to pay what they ask and negotiate extras? Tell them what you're looking for (bike, rack, handguards, etc.) and see what's the best price they'll offer?

    Lastly, where is a good place to buy a nice helmet. Like an idiot, I sold my Shoei before I moved here. Is it possible to buy helmets outside of Thailand and get them shipped it for reasonable price?
  7. In Mityon shop in Pattaya, they quoted me 129,000 baht out the door.
  8. Thank you. Price ranges from 129,000 - 140,000
    Apparently there is room for competitive pricing from MSRP. Or there is some sort of regional pricing.

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