death on mhs loop

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  1. Anyone know about a bike accident on the mhs loop last saturday?
    the poor guy was riding with a couple of mates from scandanavia. Apparantly he was on a rental bike and failed to take a corner.
    ended up going over a 300 ft cliff.
    The poor bloke lived on the canal road in cnx, his name is Mike.
    Another ferang casualty un reported?
  2. RIP...

    What at a way to go!
  3. Now now Tony, the guy left behind a misses and kids plus all the crap associated with a death.
    Perhaps as a young bloke with an indistructable attitude you may give some thought of the concequences of a fatal accident on Thai roads
    RIP MIke
  4. I meant no disrespect Tom. Sorry if you've taken offense...

    I'm a father of three but still choose to ride, albeit a lot more conservatively than when I was single with no dependents. I'd still argue, and suspect many might agree (?) that going out while doing something you love sure as hell beats dying of old age in a nursing home...

    Once again, RIP Mike and condolences to his family and loved ones.
  5. Thanks Tom. I've heard nothing.
    Always sad to hear of the death of another rider here.

    R I P.
    Condolences to his family & friends.
  6. Too sad to hear about this incident :cry:
  7. Bad news, but no.

    A mate of mine is on his way up next month, this will be his second run and he commented on numerous accidents he saw.

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