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  1. The original plan all turned to shite, got too hard, plus a lot of other excuses, but we're coming back anyway.

    A definite 3 of us fly in on the 19th, spend a day getting the KLX's sorted then take of for 12 days on the 21st heading north towards Mae Sai, through Fang via the back roads, dirt roads 4WD tracks etc.
    Was hoping David's GPS maps were going to be available, but will settle on his paper maps & the Rottweiler GPS maps instead. (Are the Rottweiler any good?)
    Once we get to Mae Sai, it'll be a day in Myanmar, cross into Laos for a look (is the Casino ready yet?) & do a bit of back road exploring around the Golden Triangle area.
    After that, depending on time left, we'll work our way back to Chiang Mai again via any out of the way roads we can find.

    The real purpose of this post is to see if anyone would like to join us for any part of the trip?
    Once I get a route planned, I'll post it up for suggestions, ideas & a basic overview of our itinerary.
    Someone must have some areas they've wanted to explore? We'll do it with you. Remote, tricky, challenging trails don't phase us.

  2. OK guys. first question.

    I have started looking over the Rotweiller GPS map for tracks/routes & came across this one.
    It's plotted as a "bike track" & sort of follows the Mae Taeng river.
    It starts just out of Khong at 19 24.260N 98 43.400E & heads north to Wieng Haeng & end at 19 32.400N 98 38.75E

    Download .kml file for Google Earth

    Does anyone know of it, has anyone been along it etc.

    This is the sort of stuff we'ld like to do on our trip if anyone can recommend things like it.

  3. Next Question.

    Can we get from Doi Mae Salong across to Thoed Thai via back road, without using the 1234/1130 route?


  4. Yes, it is possible although, depending on the conditions at the time you are there, you may have to carry the bike over the river at Ban Ngoo (see attached map).


    With regard to your second question, as far as I know it is possible to go from Doi Mae Salang to Toed Thai offroad but you will have to ask around either in Doi Mae Salong or in Toed Tai where the turnof's are as I don't have these (yet) in the GPS map.

  5. Thanks Auke

    That's very helpful.
    Looking on Google Earth, there seems to be lots of tracks (turn on roads & zoom in a bit) but whether they're real or not is a different thing. It's not that far from DMS to TT in a straight line, so pissing about for a few hours trying to get across might be fun.
    Looks like you best be coming exploring with us then... :thumbup:
  6. Hm, probably not a good idea to join you guys as I am using 4 wheels instead of 2 and I don't want to spoil your fun when you have to rescue me when I am stuck with my truck on a single trail :mrgreen: .

    Anyway, just re-installed the South East Asia Garmin map on my new toy and this map has lots of tracks in that area. I have added some of these tracks from the South East Asia map to the North Thailand GPS map to show you what seems to be possible.


    Keep in mind though that most of these tracks have been obtained from satellite pictures and although shown as roads, most of these probably will be single tracks or might not even be real as you mentioned but I guess that won't deter you guys from having a go :happy2: .
  7. Thanks guys,

    David, if we're near there on a Sunday, will definitely try to hook up with them.

    I'm slowly finding what look like good tracks/routes.
    Another I have on the GPS map is this.


    It's subtitled "Not for the faint hearted, but worth the ride" 4WD & motorbike only.
    This sounds like the stuff we're after. Has anyone done this area? Looks like a few river crossings, hills etc so should be fun.
  8. Was in the process of replying but Mark was faster and my reply was basically the same as Mark's.

    Here is a screen shot of most of the GPS tracks in the GPS map both south and north of Rd 1150. North of Rd. 1150 is more single track while south is mainly double track and do-able in a truck. There are tons of trip reports but can't find them when I need them but here is one: kon-jae-long-kord-day-out-in-the-sri-lanna-np-t6218.html

    Basically, just get out here and ride - there are lots of tracks and sometimes you may go wrong but hey, never mind, it's all part of the fun :D :oops: :mrgreen: .

    and here is the screen shot:

  9. 14 weeks to go. :D
    1 more has joined so now there's 4 of us.

    What are the rules on carrying a machete tucked away out of sight on the bike just in case we get stuck in the middle of nowhere & need to fashion a rough hut from bamboo & hunt our own food for the night, also for protection from monkey rape while we sleep?

    Really for chopping through any bush if we come accross overgrown tracks. Here in Aus, Mick & I have a habit of riding along & just going "I wonder what's through here", or "that looks like a good view from up there". We have a tendancy to just take off through the scrub, so the temptation will be strong over there too. I know, we'll probably do it once, get stuck for 3 hours on a cliff face or in a ravine, but that's what trail bikes are for, making trails :wink:
  10. 11 weeks to go...
  11. Getting excited about now, only 5 weeks to go.
    There's now 5 of us.
    We've booked into Boonthavon for 2 nights before we take off (from the recommendation of this site)
    We arrive on the 19th Dec about 8pm, so see whoever in the Kafe form about 9pm onwards for a beer.
  12. I would have a chat with Khun Witoon at the Little Home Guesthouse in Doi Mea Salong re what trails go where and where to find them.
    He has been riding around that area with his mates for a long time and knows the area well.
  13. haha cutting oz scrub and chopping sea jungle is not quite the same, in most of it you wont get more than 10mtrs before turning back.
    plenty of tracks running in every direction, it will be harder to stay on the right ones then not have any... all imo

    might be a bit chilly in some parts depending on elevation and weather of the day/night?
    other may know more on that one

    sound like a great trip... wish i was going! :happy2:

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