Dec 4-7 bike meet in Chiang Rai

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  1. Heard from a Thai friend that there will be a four day bike meet at the old airport in Chiang Rai from Dec 4-7, some even coming from Malaysia and S'pore for it and the old airport is a fair size so could be quite an event.
  2. This will be the inaugural Chiang Rai Air & Bike Festival.
    Surprisingly "organized" by the guys from Malaysia.
    The Chiang Rai organizers are the Black Rabbits I understand.

    The guys from Malaysia claim they will bring 3-4,000 motorbikes.
    It should be a massive event then & I hope it is a success.

    The route, hotels & restaurants have all been finalized I believe.

  3. nice event .will get their from kl.
  4. Anyone have a contact phone number on this event?
  5. Ray they have a facebook page but no contact numbers, the event is being organised by the Black Rabbits MC, so if you know any members they will be able to help.
  6. I'll be in the neighborhood around that time, might be fun to check this one out! :happy5:
  7. Pickle Rob is a member if you know him, the event will happen for sure they have done way too much prep for it to be postponed.

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  8. Thanks we sent a message to the web site, we will see what happens. I don't even know how many are going at this point so pretty hard to make any plans. Good to know it is a go.

    Some of us will be there that is for sure.



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