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    Sounds like an Africa Twin - the same V-Twin engine?? Mine's got 240,000 kms up & going strong. Totally reliable.
    With a legit Cnx plate this bike is a steal.
  2. Yep, same 52* engine, which can be found in a plethora of bikes, from small cruisers to dual sport, 400, 500, 650 and 750cc. Talking about being proven!
  3. Of all the bikes I sampled (rented) in Chiang Mai, a 400 Honda Bros was the most pleasant surprise; and easily my favorite. Not being an expert about most things road bike wise was very impressed with the solid feel, easy cornering and linear engine that made for relaxing riding (on a road bike that really felt that way for me, which isn't an easy quality to obtain in traffic here with a nervous rider) in city or out. The rental Hondas brakes required too much effort though, but it'd be safe to bet your well maintained example would be just fine.

    Good luck with the sale, should be snatched up quickly.
  4. I did the Mae Hong Son loop on a rented 400 Bros, what a great bike, only niggle was the rear brake pretty much gave up the ghost by the time I got back to Chiang Mai. If I ever make the move a 650 Bros will be 1 of my priorities.
  5. Is this bike still for sale?
  6. There’s some thinking being done on the bike and some pleading being done with wives/girlfriends, but no money is down on the Bros yet, so it is available. I’m out of town for work. I’ll be back up in CM next week and will be happy to show you the bike if you are interested.

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