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Discussion in 'Technical' started by oneton, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. I dented the front rim on my klx250. It is splayed out a little on one side. I have read various reports on how to fix it. Does anyone have any experience with reforming bending / hammering a dented rim, or is it best left alone to avoid cracking the metal.

  2. Hi Tony,
    If it isn't to bad leave it? If it is Bad Buy a New Rim as they are Pretty Cheap here!
    A Friend Badly Bent Both front and Rear Rims on His Honda CB400 this week and has to replace them as You can See the Bead on the Front one and Also when in Loei I saw Suki also had Bad Bends in Both Rims on His Triumph Tiger so I Actually have a Question Myself regarding Bent Rims if any Expert can Tell me an Answer, What is the Strongest Replacement Rim for a Street Bike???
    In the Fast Bike Magazine there are Multiple Choices which are a bit confusing if You don't know??? For Joe average like myself I would Buy the Strongest Rim I could for Asia due to the Bad Roads in different Places and the Varying Conditions we Ride on???
    The Rims in the Magazine are:
    Carbon Fibre Wheels. Obviously for the Track?
    Forged Aluminium.
    Forged Magnesium.
    Cast Aluminium.
    Cast Aluminium.
    Combination of Carbon & Magnesium.
    So What is the Strongest Wheel for Road / Tour use???
  3. Hi Ian
    Regarding the KLX, on an older posting, I saw you put the green / black rims on your KLX. What do you make of the quality of these compared to the OEM part? I think I can get hold of them in Pattaya.
    I know excel rims are tough, and are probably available from Dirt Shop Bangkok at a fine price!

  4. Hi Tony,
    I got mine from Pattaya and they are supposed to be the Same Quality and Material as the Excel Rims. No Complaints so far although I haven't done any Serious Off Road since fitting them. Give Mike a Call on 0831135929. He should be able to Sort You out? Good Luck.
    Cheers Ian.

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