Devil exhaust = police problems?

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  1. Hi. I just put Devil exhust full system with db killer on ninja 300.

    Should I expect a lot of problems?

    Whats the fine and would they take bike?

    Im in pattaya.
  2. I had a noisy can on my step through and was pulled over. Bike was impounded and I had to turn up next day with original exhaust and pay them to change it. Exhaust was confiscated although I managed to get it back under the table.
    My other 2 bigger bikes have aftermarket cans on and I have not had a problem yet but I tend not to use either in town (Pattaya) and try to avoid known checkpoints.
  3. I'm assuming the decibel killer is taking it down below obnoxious.
    If you're not obnoxiously load & not out for attention, I wouldn't sweat it.
    Last time (15 years ago) I got popped for that in Pattaya, was with drag pipes on a Harley. !,000 Baht, didn't impound the bike.
    Ride safe!
  4. when and where was that? bike impounded

    and how much cost u to get it back?
  5. In our small village of Pak Nam Pran, many local kids ride around on obnoxiously loud motorbikes, and nobody seems to impound them. Can I get contacts of the guys who impounded yours? I'd like to invite them here to bring order to the little streets!

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