Differences between the S the klx250SF (D-Tracker X) + suspension trick

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  1. This forum has been pretty quiet, so I thought I'd throw this thread into the mix!

    This might seem obvious but it does catch me out sometimes. Most people on forums ride klx250S (Motocross version) not the SF and give advice for the S. There are some minor differences when ordering parts online!

    A few examples on gearing & suspension:

    S -stock gearing is 14/42
    SF -stock gearing is 14/39

    Chain length:
    S -stock 106 links
    SF -stock 104 links

    If your putting higher/wider handle bars on your bike, the klx300R clutch cable available from Kawasaki is about 1.5 inches longer than stock.

    When people on American forums talk about KDX200 Snorkels, we can only get in Thailand the Boss175 snorkel which with a little help from a file will deliver twice the air flow.

    Fork travel is shorter (spring length) on the SF & springs are harder front & rear. If your going to order stiffer fork springs/rear spring or new valves from Race Tech or Moto-pro, make sure it's for an Asian spec SF. The clicker settings for dampening are different to the S as well.

    The stock Fork Oil is Kayaba 01 which is a 5w. Do not be tempted to put anything heavier than a 7.5w oil in the forks, this can cause inefficient damping.

    The klx is well know for having crappy soggy suspension, even though the forks are made by KYB. Stiffer springs or big pre-load spacers will stop the nose diving & allow your valves to dampen efficiently over bumpy ground, this I believe will not happen with your clickers adjusted to the max.

    Even if you don't ride fast, there must be emergency situations when you have dived/bottomed out your forks with a dangerous judder & had the back wheel almost level with your shoulders....I have!! Unless your lighter than 150lbs, read this link about pre-load fork spacers...cheap, easy & works especially if you weigh 220lbs like me.


    I have made my 1 inch spacers from plumbing hard plastic & will be fitting next week & reporting soon how they feel/ride.

    be very careful when ordering online, there are very few places USA or UK that have a genuine selection of SF parts.
    Most everything else seems to fit from 09 onwards as long as it states SF or S but D-Tracker X if ordering from Japan with japan.webike

    Feel free to add any tricks/tips or difficult to order parts on this thread.

    Cheers :)

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  2. Today I had fitted Barnett clutch springs & more importantly for this thread, my hand made 1 inch plastic pre-load fork spacers. The mechanics at Kawasaki (Phuket Town) looked a bit surprised with my request but fitted them all the same!

    I am very happy with firmer suspension & a lot less diving under hard braking! It's not perfect but it has helped a bunch, until I can justify $$ on stiffer Moto-pro springs, jobs a good'un.
  3. Good stuff! I haven't bottomed out the forks on my KLX yet, but I'm still a noob and not riding it hard and I'm not particularly heavy. If when I find the limits of the forks I'll try the heavier fork oil and pre-load spacers you've recommended. Ride On! Tony

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