dirt bike shop - far from airport ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by deckx, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. deckx

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    dirt bike shop had a little stand at bira last week, had some good alspinstar gear ... was talking to one of the staff, very helpful and let me try on some leathers but were too big.

    Gave me a card and said the shop was quite close to the airport (new?)

    Might pop in there next time i'm back, is it easy enough for a taxi to find from airport and how far ?
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  3. DavidFL

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  4. deckx

    deckx Active Member

    cheers, as said, they had a stand at Bira and seen them at the Bkk motor show before so at least they seem to be making an effort .

    They also had power commanders for sale and said they would be getting a dyno rig in the shop (maybe next year)

  5. E3L0

    E3L0 Ol'Timer

    I've been there once. From Sukhumvit you go down On Nut then keep going and going and going. The Pirelli place is on the left and is less than half way to the dirtbike place.

  6. Azoulay

    Azoulay Ol'Timer

    Hi Friends,

    I know quite well Dirt Shop which is among shop I recommand for off-road motorbike accessories (I bought sevral ones there and have allways been satisfied).

    That's right they are not located too far from the new Suvanabummi airport and it should take something like 20 minutes to get there with a taxi.

    They maintain few offroad racing bikes and seems to know what they are talking about. It is frequented as well from the "Thai rider jet-set" and from time to time you can meet some Thai riders with wonderfull bikes such as 1098 Ducati viting the shop.

    So surprisingly for an off road shop, I found several Ducati accessories ...

    Interesting place to visit, at least once.
  7. Moto-Rex

    Moto-Rex Moderator

    The only way I could find the place was to ring the shop and then give my phone to the taxi driver.
    Even when I was out the front, I wasnt quiet sure.
    They could do with some more signage.

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