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    New michelin 120-80-19 endurostar ,this will suit motocross or enduro, 2000 baht plus the post/bus fare , ,ALSO new, bridgestone trailwing 120-90-18 TW42, 2000,Avon distanzia 110-8-18 t/l,.2000.,/ Also, for you d tracker sm boys that want to venture off road i have 1 pair of 120-90-17 pirelli mt21, these are a great tyre and hard to get, 2500 each,.......best way to reach me is by phone between 8-8 0831135929,
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  3. DirtBikeMike

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    Nice one Mike :lol-sign: I would have had the D-tracker tyres if I was not selling the bike :thumbup:
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    'DirtBikeMike' aka 'Mike the Vigo' why don't you sometimes post some tripreports or other useful information :evil: , only selling your staff in only one pair or one piece :thumbdown: won't get you any customers. If I need any tyres then I get all I want at Yamaha Square in Chiang Mai or Piston Shop or Sa or..... for a reasonable price with tax and invoice :thumbup: , mounted and balanced....and I do have a choice too :thumbup: .

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