Dirt bikes at Bo Din, Min Buri, Sunday January 13th

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  1. Dirt bike fever is contagious it would seem! I caught it, now my friends are catching it too!

    Here's Banana Boy with his brand new 2013 Kawasaki KLX 250- just 6km on the clock:

    Trent was nervous about the upcoming ride to Mae Hong Song on the elephant trail, so this was our opportunity to test his skills-

    He handled everything just fine, even caught some air :clap:



    I suffered a bit of a "wardrobe malfunction" when my jersey got shredded in the rear sprocket :oops:
    Check out the Lifan-powered classic Suzuki GW250 behind me :thumbup: Heavy and with drum brakes front and rear, but that guy could ride!

    He hit a dog on the way home though... :oops:

    That's the second ruined jersey of the day! :mrgreen:

    Happy Trails!

    Tony :happy1:
  2. A few vids-

  3. I think Trent has been holding out on everyone Tony.

    Seemed to have an idea what he was doing...
  4. You guys are having too much fun - no matter what you ride.
  5. KLX look very neat in white!

    Shredded Jersey! Possible to fit a sprocket guard?

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