dirt MX tracks around pattaya

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  1. nannyknocker

    nannyknocker Member

    Does anyone know of any good areas to ride MX/Dirt bikes around pattaya/rayong area. Or know of any group/organisations that do?

    Also lookng for a "classic" style MX bike, 250 upwards.

    has anyone imported one from overseas? can one come as parts?, will not be registering it as it will only be used on the dirt.
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  3. penetrator

    penetrator Ol'Timer

    There is or was a small motocross track off the Theppasit Rd, on the right going towards the Sukhumvit near where they do bungee jumps. They rent bikes there but the track is way too small for anything above a kid on a small wheel 80 really, I got talking to the guys there and they offered to take me out in the bush somewhere near Rayong for some proper riding. They let me take the CRM250 I was on round the track but I only had shorts and sandals on and the CRM was a bit of a handful over jumps so I retired after 1 lap.

    I keep meaning to find out if you can use the track they use for the Pattaya enduro over on the other side of highway 36.
  4. bard

    bard Ol'Timer

    There is a full offroad track not far from Bira.
  5. nannyknocker

    nannyknocker Member

    whereabouts? can anyone access it?

    Anyone know where thete are any pucker MX bikes for sale, 250cc up, was thinking of bringing my old husqvarna over but seems to be too much hassle even I dont want to have it registered for the road. must be some resonably priced jap MX'ers around.
  6. penetrator

    penetrator Ol'Timer

    If it's the track where they do the Pattaya Enduro you go from Bira along Highway 36 towards the Sukhumvit about 2-3 kms and it's on the opposite side by a petrol station, Shell I think.
  7. nannyknocker

    nannyknocker Member

    many thanks for that, will go and have a look

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