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Discussion in 'Technical' started by mussen, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. Hi all, just letting you know Dirt Shop in Bangkok will be moving on the 25th Dec. 2008. The new shop is located on the opposite side of the road to the current shop, and down about 200m heading inbound (or away from Suvarnabum airport). Apparently there will be a dyno in the new shop also.

  2. excellent news
  3. I'm not cheering until i see the price for a dyno setup. Dirtshop isn't really known for low prices...
  4. I'll give them a go but I'll want to stand over them and watch.
  5. Hopefully they will have stock in store that somewhat approaches what they show on their website.
    I tried to explain to a young lady working there (the daughter?) that if an item is out of stock, they really should update their website and save potential customers a wasted journey through Bangkok traffic.
  6. I just had my 04 Shadow Aero Dynoed by the Cobra dealership. $250.00 USD here in Korea. Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though I had a free coupon from when I bought the pipes. Only the free deal was only good in the US. Oh well. She runs like a bat outta Hell now!!!!!!!! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hi Friends,

    thanks for the information, I know quite well Dirt Shop BKK and I allways source Off-Road equipements and accessories there. Right they are not the cheapest but as I related it in a previous post on Bike Shops, month ago, I think to have a sustainable service and after sale we have to afford a certain higher price that "allways cheapest" but again it's my personal thought.

    Good to know they will have a Dyno, but, just think already what you can do with some light Diagnostic and Engine Calibration Tools such as the TechnoResearch ones....

    I bought one for the Ducati and it works perfectly, I tune it home myself and I am very proud of the result just by linking the bike to the computer.

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