dirt tracks around VTE

Dec 18, 2006
I wanted to contribute adding a map of part of the track we did 02/2006 ; [xx(]wooaahhh it's really a hard job for a beginner ,but beginner luck ,I found on GT RIDER ,the mails relating these difficulties.
Now you are going to see if it goes .( it looks like [:I]but pictures are a bit small;hope you can find a way to zoom )
Also,from what I red , it should not be avalaible any more after the two first free weeks on this website . Do any one knows another which will keep free for a longertime?
So, on the first picture the green spots show the way to hold,
while on the second picture red spots are the way we did and where you see blue or green spot with a big ? , it means we want to do it in february 07 and will be thanksfull[^] for anybody giving details.
I also made a way down to Pakse but Philippe ,from PP ,did quite the same(reverse)and you can find it on the site . Though between Xepon , B Dong and Salavan we had an original eastern little track .Only for resistant big lovers well experienced . PAUL .[:eek:)]