Dirt Trip 4 Irish 6 days Mae Hong Song

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  1. Hi,
    Ive read some of the excellent ride reports on the site and need some advice on combining them.
    My girlfriend and I are on a 9 month trip by bicycle and occasional petrol power.
    My brother who works in oz and best mate from home are joining us for 6 days moto fun out of chiang mai.
    Experts are going to hire crfs and two dirt novices will hire xr 250s or 125cc manual bikes
    We like the look of the following plans in order of preference
    1 head south to do inthathon and mae saering using roads and dirt tracks. 2 days
    Cross up by dirt ne then back onto road to get to mhs 2 days
    Then pai and home 2 days
    good countryside first
    might be too muchilage for novices - maybe send them north on road and regroup evenings north of mae saering

    2 head to pai first by road then dirt later down south
    More relaxed
    novices get time on road first
    pai nice spot to wind down trip

    3 use samoeng elephant trail to get to mhs then pai
    Supposed to be beautiful trail
    -hard to get dirt in after pai without backtracking
  2. When do you plan this trip?
  3. Hi David, we plan on leaving the 19th october, returning CM 7 days later with big dirtbike inspired grins :)
  4. Hi David,
    We plan on leaving Chiang Mai 19th october roughly, thanks for getting back to me
  5. Take it easy.
    Go to Pai first & see how your novices go.
    No need to jump in at the deep end straight off.
    You want everyone to enjoy themselves & come back happy in one piece.
    The novices go via the main highway R105 to Pai.
    The dirt guys via Samoeng - Wat Chan - Pai.
    Over night in Pai.

    From Pai the dirt riders could set off early back to Wat Chan, then do the elephant trail to MHS.
    The novices carry on R1095 Pai - Soppong - MHS.
    Everybody meet up in MHS.
    Over night in Mae Hong Son.

    From MHS go up to Rak Thai together for a gentle day trip.
    Over night in Mae Hong Son.

    From MHS head south to Mae Sarieng together.
    South of MHS the dirt guys could head east to Nong KHiew, then down to Pang Ung - Khun Yuam or Hang Pon, backl onto R108 & race onto Mae Sarieng for the night to meet up together again.
    Over night in Mae Sarieng.

    From Mae Sarieng the dirt gvuys back track to Mae La Noi & head for Mae Chaem via Mae La Up - Mae hae - Mae Chaem.
    The novices go via R108 & R1088.
    Over night in Mae Chaem.

    From Mae Chaem everybody head up to Doi Inthanon,
    then the dirt guys to Khun Wang - Samoeng - Chiang Mai.
    The novices stick to the main road Doi Inthanon - Chomthong - Chiang Mai.
  6. Hi David,
    Thanks a million for taking the time, that's a brilliant plan.
  7. Just a note to say thanks, we hada great weeks adventure. The offroad was super fun - especially near mae saering. We rented from C P services, Lan gave us spare levers and shifter and was very up front about damages when we asked. Thankfully no major offs and we had two new converts to dirt biking at the end of the trip.

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