Dirt Worx Pattaya

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  1. Dirt Worx - Pattaya.
    Sale of new and secondhand bikes.
    Bike servicing, rebuilds.
    Accessories, gear, oils, parts.
    What isn't available locally, efforts are made to import from overseas where reasonable.

    DSC_2936-800x450.JPG DSC_2905-1024x576.JPG DSC_2906-576x1024.JPG DSC_2903-576x1024.JPG DSC_2904-800x450.JPG
  2. Looks like they know what they're doing.
  3. Closed.

    Rather a lot of fall out.
    The owner Phil Straw is not responding to messages though you can see he has read them . Apparently not paid rent for a long time. The landlord cleaned out the shop last Friday

    There is a sign on the door in Thai with a phone number if you left anything in the shop

    There were two bikes that didn't get out before this as the silent partner didn't know who they belonged to.

    Sad things have to end like this..
  4. i not suprised. He asked some stupid cost from me for a small part install.

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