dirtbike course in Pai?

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  1. Me and a buddy are looking to take an off road motorbike course. Was reading about RichardG's experiences in Chiang Mai learning from Khun Nop, and it sounded fantastic. Can anyone recommend a course in Pai or is Chiang Mai the place?
  2. Khun Nop used to (and probably still does) operate in Pai. Best person to ask is Peter in Pai Enduro who used to have a track but not sure if it still exists. If you are in Pai or going there Peter is situated in the Hammock shop around the corner from the bus station also has a guest house called Nunjas house at the same location from about 200 a night . If anyone can point you in the right direction he the best man for the Job. Nop used to do alot of stuff with Peter! Either way if you can contact Nop he will sort out a trip and training with you to incorporate Chiang Mai and Pai. There's better riding in Pai than Chaing mai but better bikes to be hired in Chiang Mai than Pai.
  3. Khun Nop now lives in CM.
    You can reach him on 0846184290.
    He is a first class trainer - he got RichardG confident & competent enough to ride nearly 2000kms in Laos in August.

    As MBT suggests, you should rent bikes in CM from
    either Joe's Bikes, CP, Mr Kom or Mr Mechanic.
    Do thoroughly test before setting off.

    Just a suggestion you could do a few days off-road training with Nop
    in CM & do what RichardG & I will be aiming to do,
    which is to ride off-road from Mae Rim to Pai in December.
    Peter in Pai is your best source of up-to-date Pai info,
    but you could ask Nop as well.
  4. Any idea how much Khun Nop charges for his course?
  5. Give him a call.
    It depends on what you need.
    Do you want him to supply safety gear, bike etc?
    Where & what do you want you want him to do for you?
    Also, when - he has a schedule of enduro events?
    He's incredibly reasonable & amenable to working
    something out that will suit you.
    It is best you discuss it with him.

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