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    The wife and I often get calls from people we don't know who need help in recovering a broken, wrecked or otherwise incapacitated motorcycle in northern Thailand. For many people, because of Woraphat's extensive business advertising, she is their only contact when they are in the Chiang Rai area or the north. We can usually arrange for a local person with a pickup truck to arrive on scene, load the bike and return it to Chiang Rai or sometimes, to the far away home of the rider. With that in mind, we are going to try to start a motorcycle recovery project in Thailand, with perhaps one phone number for riders to call to get help anywhere in the country. If you or anyone else would like to have your phone number added as a recovery source for this area or any other area (you own an available truck or trailer with driver or have family, friend or mechanic who does), please give us a PM. We will post this to other motorcycle forums in Thailand and perhaps we can build a good network that will service all areas of Thailand with one phone number. If not, you can at least count on us to help you in the Chiang Rai/northern Thailand area. For the Chiang Rai area, 089-429-4562 for Woraphat, English and Thai language, 24 hours.

    We are open to suggestions that will help to get this project off the ground outside of the Chiang Rai area. We are also open to suggestions that will make things run more smoothly in the Chiang Rai area. If you know of a service that has already been established in Thailand, let us know and we will link up with them instead of starting this from scratch.

    We know that in most areas that a person could have trouble, there are locals with trucks that will help if asked. However, we often hear from people who cannot communicate with the locals or for some other reason, do not want to get them involved. Some of those riders call us from the hospital and cannot return to the scene of the disabled bike. This service will be for those who genuinely need help from an English and Thai speaking source. If you know of a phone number that is manned 24 hours a day that can take calls in English and Thai, Thailand-wide and connect the rider with a recovery team/shop in his area, please let us know.

    This service is not meant to be a profit making business venture for us. We do not charge anything for our help in connecting people with a recovery truck nor do we make any commission from the various folks who have done recovery for us. We do not repair motorcycles nor do we wish to have any bikes needing repair dropped off at our shop. There are other shops in town who specialize in bike repairs and that is where the bikes should be delivered if they aren't delivered to the owner's home. However, if you do require recovery for a motorcycle, you can be expected to do whatever is right for the team that shows up to assist you. We can hardly expect anyone who is called for a recovery run to drop what they are doing to come get you and not receive anything for their time, fuel and vehicle use. If you call Woraphat for help, she should be able to give you a very good idea of how many baht that particular recovery person will be expecting.

    Looking forward to some input to help make this work.
    Marty and Woraphat
    Chiang Rai Saddlebags and Biker Gear
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  3. TonyBKK

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    Very kind and generous of you to offer this service! Hope I never have to call, but nice to know help is a phone call away :happy1:
  4. Franz

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    Good & helpful idea !! I'm sure you'll get the obvious emergency calls soon. A good service for all the rental bikes out there as no-one will dare to pick up a CNX rented one somewhere in Chiang Saen or so, the renters will not know as to what to do and might get overcharged anyway; that's where your idea must come into the game. U just need to advertise this everywhere and get some rental firms to agree to your service to be able take off financially ! Good luck with that, cheers, Franz
  5. crsaddlebags

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    Hi Franz. Thanks for the input, fella. I have received several responses and have a few phone numbers for other places out of my area.

    Mostly, I am looking for individuals that want to do what is best for biking and bikers without thought of income. I don't think anyone begrudges the recovery guys getting their fuel payed for. Most recovered guys have been fairly generous in taking care of the people who brought them in.

    I'm really looking to establish a loose network of dependable people. One of the guys I know who will go after bikes in this area normally doesn't charge for that because he ends up repairing the bikes anyway. He works on bikes and charges for the repair but he is truly just all about the biking community. I have had a couple of others who went to help a downed biker and didn't charge anything just because they know what it is to be a downed biker in need of help. I personally don't have any way of recovering a disabled bike but I am fortunate enough to know mechanics and others who can do the recovery. So, my involvement usually ends when the recovery guy or guys heads out to pick up the bike. Hopefully, we will get more folks in other areas who can pick up bikes or has a good mechanic shop or friend that can.
  6. pensionist

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    The idea is great and since yesterday I can support with a trailer, most time located in Hua Hin.
    You will get my mobile by PN.

    It took me a while to find this helpfull thread as the title was missleading me. Maybe a mod could stick it?
  7. DavidFL

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    "Sticked" it. . hope that helps.
  8. jimbobs

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    Hi Gents

    I would love to help, we have a pickup truck, i am around the Roi et area, but i am on rotation from work and not in LOS as often as ide like.

    Would you still be interested in taking my number, i am also sure my wife would be willing to help a fellow biker , if you think i could be of help i will look into it.

    Good work

  9. crsaddlebags

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    Hello Jim. Thanks. Sure, please send me a pm.
  10. crsaddlebags

    crsaddlebags Ol'Timer

    Thanks fella. I got your pm.
  11. hs0zfe

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    In such an event, getting help will be key. And an extra 1,000 B or more wouldn't matter to those who are stranded somewhere.
    I recall half a night of despair with a rented CB 400 near the maintain top, the first mountain coming from Pai and riding to MHS.
    No cell phone reception for TRUE and where the bike stalled, it must have been the steepest grade of the whole trip.

    It's truly kind of CR Saddlebags to be thinking of the plight of strangers or should I say friends he hasn't met yet?!

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