Do I realy dream of Myanmar?

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  1. Not a lot of activity here, despite the flurry of interest.

    I am US/Colorado and I have been thinking of Myanmar because it seems so virginal.

    My question is, other than the exclusivity, is it really all that great? I have researched here and elsewhere and my sticking point is, I could fly to Mandalay, rent some bikes from Zach and tool around Myanmar for 2 weeks, but would I more enjoy time in Laos? I am most interested in people and food and culture. I am struck that riding around Myanmar seems like vast wastelands of isolation with pockets of tourist traps. Would Laos be more "genuine"? I would not sign up for two weeks of rural China. Is that what I'm looking at in Myanmar?

    For perspective, I have done some enduro riding out of Chaing Mai and I worry Myanmar would be, dull?

    I only get to do this once every five years, so I want to make the best of it. If you had two weeks of vacation to look back on for the next 5 years, Myanmar or Laos for the pure enjoyment factor?

    Hey look, this is us with David in 2008!!!

    I know this is a jackass question, but what's so fun about Myanmar? Are my panties in a bunch simply because it's so exclusive? That matters less to a guy from Colorado than saying I had an immersive experience that was amazing.

    I know it's asking a lot for guys that can ride any where in THAI or LAO or Cambodia to say, "this is the best". But how do you feel?

    My choices are Mandalay, vientiane, or Chang Rai. Which makes your heart race?

    Many thanks! [email protected] if that is better for you.

  2. I have ridden in all 3. Food, Accommodation and Costs are less in Thailand! There is a Load to see if You take the time! Laos is less developed and a bit adventurous but still has pretty good accommodation etc. Burma is OK I had a Brief Ride around. Lovely People but quite Expensive and the Food Is Bad by Comparison! If I was going By Myself I would Choose Thailand. With a friend or two Laos. Burma would be last on the list as it is Expensive and lacks infrastructure or amenities which is probably why People want to go there !!! So it comes down to an Individuals choice! Not Much help to You but a bit of info?
  3. For me, still Laos over Myanmar; but I've yet to go / ride in Myanmar.
    It is the North - the Shan / Kachin states that everyone want to ride in but the impression I get is that it is still not that open, plus over priced / over booked / "under fed." I could well be wrong, but good value for money - probably not. However if you want to get the star points for being "one of the first" go for it.
  4. I have to agree with Ian (except the part about Myanmar food). Myanmar is still quite restricted and you certainly won't have the freedom to travel as you can in Thailand and Laos. (Search 'Myanmar restricted areas' as an example.) I assume that 'freedom' is part of the attraction for you, as nothing compares to the scenery in Colorado. If you want a carefree journey, ride at your own pace and able to choose your own destinations, North Thailand is the place.
  5. Thanks for the replies.

    David, I thought you made it into Tachileik? Could be that's my mistake.

    DaveEarly, I read of your trip to Myanmar. Lots of paperwork. My dad was a DA and judge in Muskegon, MI for many years.

    We just booked flights into Bangkok with the idea that we can fly anywhere from there. I just hit up Walter at Siam Enduro in Chiang Mai but I've been there, and would honestly prefer to check out Chiang Rai, maybe cross over into Laos for a week or so. Lots of options I guess, but will be looking to rent small bikes to ride in Laos, most likely.

    I am wildly open to suggestions.


  6. Doug
    Yeah sure I rode into Tachilek, right on the border - 20 metres from the line & you're in Tachilek.
    Maximum distance traveled from the border = about 15 kms.
  7. mymar not open yet for free ride as what thai/laos combodia and vietnam hope they will open soon

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