Documents for Border-Crossings (Thailand-Laos-Cambodia)

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  1. Hi everyone

    I'm planning a trip through southeastasia from beginning of march. The Tour will start in Bangkok and than probably go north, some short trips in the golden triangle, then Laos-Cambodia-back to Thailand..?
    I've someone, living in Thailand, with house registration and stuff, who is willing to buy a bike for me and register it in his name... but i'll have to do the research ;)

    Got a lot of helpfull information from the GT-rider main page, but there are some questions. (Used the forum search, but am a bit confused now)
    As far as i understood all he has to do, is:
    - buying a bike with green registration/ownership
    - register it in his name
    - getting insurance for the bike
    - giving me the "permission to export thing" (signed and with copies from ID and house registration)

    - Thats it? Got everything right?

    If no, please tell me whats wrong...
    If yes, I'm confused about the downloaded border-crossing-documents.
    Its: Custom Declaration/Custom export permission/seaside borders/information of conveyance/passenger list/crew list

    So, in my case, do i only need the custom export permission (file is called:"Customs-Declaration-Import-Export") ?
    And is it good enough to fill this in english?

    The other documents (for me: TM2/information of conveyance and TM3/passenger List) are filled at the border?
    Or i can fill them before, but dont need the bike-owner for this, right?
    Am I right, that I don't need the "custom export permission" ? Hopefully, cause its written in Thai :p

    Anything else i forgot?

    Would be happy to get some advice here... Also feel free to add some general advice.

    Aaah, and thanks to all forum members, got some valuable information here and hope to share in the future...

  2. Johannes
    Yes this is right
    1. Bike with green registration/ownership
    2. Insurance for the bike
    3. Permission to export from the owner if the bike is not registered in your name.

    The other docs you can get & fill in at the border, but it often helps to have them completed when you arrive at the border.
  3. Nice, thanks for confirming my assumptions!
    Bike is bought and waiting in Thailand and flight is tomorrow morning... yipeeh
    Will definately post in this forum while beeing on the trip...
    Thanks so far..
  4. Jaron...
    You've comfirmed the bike info you needed, and if you've not previously ridden in SEA,
    I suggest you review the information provided in the forum here which discusses "Riding Safely in SEA"
    Regardless, ride safe, enjoy your travels and do post a report of your adventures.
  5. Hi Jaron (Johannes?)

    I'm collecting my Green Book for the Kawasaki 250 KLX I bouhgt last week, tomorrow (Friday) - then off on a similar trip to yours.

    Where are you now and how is it going?

    Kind regards,

    Peter Clark [email protected] 082 455 0695

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