Does anyone know the value of their motorcycle in the present climate

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    I have seen a lot of monetary difference in motorcycle values

    i have seen beautiful bikes for sale at a reasonable price struggle to sell in LOS

    is there a guide?

    in the UK we have a Parker's , I buy motors for a lot less than the guide when Ime home,but it gives me a rough idea of their worth

    i am happy to lose or make money on a bike , it depends if Ime strapped for cash,,,,,but where is the benchmark on second hand bikes here?

    can you sell a good cheap bike in a day?

    i see some rediculous asking prices , and I see other bikes I would like to own for nothing(very rare)

    Can anyone educate me, because the second hand market will be saturated with overpriced bikes , we have kwaka a , Hondas , dukes, and soon Suzuki , and Yamaha big bikes at affordable new prices

    big bikes are not rare here no more

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