Does your Ducati or KTM have an ACERBIS plastic tank? If so be aware .....

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  1. Acerbis tanks have been fitted as the supplier of choice by Ducati and KTM since 2005 other manufactures may also have used Acerbis .
    But in the USA where Gasohol 10% is mandated the tanks have regularly been warping and even exploding due to interaction of the gasohol with the plastic after about 2 years use ..ducati have a replacement tank program but the replacement s again made by Acerbis are no better and the fault still occurs.A massive court case is planned against Ducati and acerbis in USA customers want replacement Metal tanks but ducati has refused,KTM USA has suppled a replacemt metal tank in some cases .

    The problem has not occured much yet in europe as most gasohol is 5% same as Thailand , but it has occured on some machines according to owners and Ducati dealer.

    All my ducatis have metal tanks .i would not buy a new model with a plastic tank.
    seems Acerbis have tried 3 different compiund of plastic for ducati and all have failed in USA .

    for more info look on Ducati USA forums and you tube had some nasty pictures and videos of exploding tanks.
  2. Yes you are correct it isw 10% but the formulation here is different to USA they use corn whilst Thais use other ingredients for the production of ethanol in gasohol ,the problem is actually caused by water in the fuel somehow rotting the plastic and now Ducati have issued proceeding in Italian courts against ACERBIS as some customers in USA have had more than 3 replacement tanks fail!

    UK fuels are 5% gasohol as is most of EU

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